Coalition for Peace Through Security

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Group.png Coalition for Peace Through Security  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
FormationSeptember 1981
Founder• Edward Leigh
• Julian Lewis
HeadquartersWhitehall, London, UK
Interestsnuclear weapons, nuclear disarmament
A spooky UK front group to try to oppose CND.

The Coalition for Peace Through Security was a apooky front group for the UK deep state keen to try to oppose the growing support for nuclear disarmament. Its name may have been derived from a similar US group, the Coalition for Peace Through Strength which was started in 1978 by the American Security Council.[1]


The group was founded by Edward Leigh and Julian Lewis (both members of The 61 & Le Cercle). Other staff included Tony Kerpel and, for its first year only, Francis Holihan. It was featured in Lobster#3, which stated that the group worked closely with the Institute for the Study of Conflict, the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Centre for Policy Studies.[2]


The group was set up to try to oppose CND. It was endorsed by UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher] and rented its Whitehall offices from Jeffrey Archer.[2]


The group was active in the early to mid 1980s.