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Beverage company. It forces poor people to use them as replacement for polluted water supplies... that CC caused.

Coca-Cola is an American multinational beverage corporation founded in 1892, best known as the producer of Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company also manufactures, sells, and markets other non-alcoholic drinks. It first started out as drink to heal American Civil War-veterans, as drug, containing actual Cocaine.[1]

Early background

It is consistently noted as one of the biggest 100 companies in the world.[2]


At the time it was introduced, the product contained cocaine from coca leaves and caffeine from kola nuts which together acted as a stimulant. The drink was invented by a American Civil War combatant as drug for his war wounds.

The Disturbing History of Coca-Cola - MagnatesMedia

Front groups

“As part of its corporate propaganda campaign to deflect public attention away from the harmful health effects of its sugary drinks, the Coca-Cola Company has funded front organizations. The company funded creation of the front organization the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN) to address the growing evidence that the company's products are a leading cause of the epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States and the growing number of Americans, including children, with type 2 diabetes. GEBN designed its own studies to arrive at conclusions set in advance and cherry picked data to support its corporate public relations agenda. After an August 2015 investigative report exposed the GEBN as a Coca-Cola Company front organization, GEBN was shut down.[3] Three years after the shutdown of GEBN, the company, together with several other junk food giants, was revealed to be behind an initiative in China called "Happy 10 Minutes," funded through a group called the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI). The aim of the initiative was to address decades of research on diet-related diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, by promoting physical exercise to the population but avoiding discussion of the link between such diseases and junk foods, including sugary drinks.[3][4] ILSI through the 1980s and 1990s had been promoting the tobacco industry's agenda in Europe and the United States.[5]
Wikipedia (2023)  [6]


CPS UK reported that a group of individuals and corporate bodies have been sentenced in 2022 for their involvement in bribing a senior manager at Coca Cola Enterprises UK Limited. The companies involved have all been fined for failing to prevent bribery. WABGS Limited (previously Boulting Group Limited) received a fine of £500,000, Tritec Systems Limited of £70,000 and Electron Systems Limited of £70,000.[7]


Coca-Cola entered South Africa in 1938 and, after the beginning of the official white South African government's policy of apartheid or "separate development" beginning in 1948, the company grew rapidly. By the 1980s at the height of racial oppression, with 90% of the market, Coke dominated the soft-drink industry with sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars, accounting for 5% of the parent company's global market. Coke employed 4,500 workers, operating under the racially segregated system of housing, workplace, and wages, and was one of the largest employers in the country.[8]


On May 7, 2017, Haaretz published that Coca-Cola has donated 50,000 NIS (approximately $14,000) to Israeli right-wing nationalist organization Im Tirtzu. The organization, that was declared by Israeli court to have "certain lines of resemblance to fascism", asked to leave the donation private but the Israeli Corporations Authority forced the Organization to publish the donation.[9]

Health effects

Mexico’s deadly Coca-Cola addiction - Unreported World

Coca Cola is increasingly used as alternative in upcoming countries without established health laws, as replacement for ares where industries have contaminated drinking water supplies, possibly hinting at a cartel between those industries and the CC-company.

In 1916, there was a federal suit under which the US government unsuccessfully attempted to force The Coca-Cola Company to remove caffeine from its products. Coca-Cola is rich in sugar, especially sucrose, which causes dental caries when consumed regularly. Besides this, the high caloric value contributes to obesity. Medical News Today reported on a study claiming 184,000 global deaths each year are down to sugary drink consumption.[10]

Cutting faces of Apes

In 2007, the Coca-Cola Company announced it would no longer conduct or directly fund laboratory experiments on animals unless required by law to do so. The company's announcement came after PETA criticized the company for funding invasive experiments on animals including one study in which experimenters cut into the face of chimpanzees to study the animals' nerve impulses used in the perception of sweet taste.[11]


Related Quotation

Elon Musk“Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in”Elon Musk


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