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Computers became of major importance to the deep state when they were connected en masse to produce the internet, which - once technological advances lowered the barrier to entry - provided a mass communication channel to give people an alternative to the commercially-controlled media.

Operating system

Full article: Operating system

A computer operating system controls and regulates its use. Open source operating systems such as Linux, in contrast to proprietary ones such as Windows, allow users to see and modify how the computer behaves, rather than presenting it as a blackbox.

Microsoft Windows

In August 1999, Andrew D. Fernandes found a variable named "Microsoft_NSAKEY" in Windows NT 4 Service Pack 5, it was speculated that the NSA had a backdoor on Microsoft Windows by that date. Security specialist Bruce Schneier said that it is rather unlikely that "NSAKEY" is part of a backdoor.[1]

Anyone uncomfortable with mass surveillance may wish to avoid Microsoft products like Windows and all such closed source vendors.


Full article: Internet

The internet wasn't subject to much censorship until about 2001,[2] a situation which changed drastically under the "war on terror" rhetoric.



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