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BornEva Karene Bartlett
Member ofAmerican Herald Tribune, MintPress News
InterestsIsraeli–Palestinian conflict
Interest ofChloe Hadjimatheou, Myrotvorets
Canadian independent journalist much attacked by the deep state

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian freelance journalist and rights activist with extensive experience in the Gaza Strip, where she lived from late 2008 to early 2013. She arrived by boat as a part of the Free Gaza missions and documented the 2008/9 and 2012 Israeli war crimes and attacks on Gaza while riding in ambulances and reporting from hospitals. An Arabic speaker, Eva accompanied Palestinian fishermen and farmers as they came under intensive fire from the Israeli army.[1]

Reporting from Syria

Eva Bartlett has visited Syria on six occasions since April 2014, twice in a party of mainstream media journalists and four times independently.[2] In December 2016, she addressed a press conference at the United Nations reporting on these visits and speaking against commercially-controlled media propaganda designed to effect regime change in Syria.[3]

Massacre of children

On Easter Saturday afternoon 15 April 2017, suicide bombers were reported to have attacked buses carrying civilians from the long-besieged Syrian villages of Kafraya and Foua. The convoy was carrying at least 5,000 people including civilians and several hundred pro-government fighters, who were granted safe passage out of the two Shi'ite villages which are besieged by Western-backed rebels. A witness to the massacre told a Syrian journalist:

“The ‘rebels’ brought a bus full of crisps. They tried to gather as many kids as possible around the vehicle. Then we heard a really loud explosion. A lot of children were killed, many were injured.”[4]

White Helmets show

White Helmets show at Kafraya and Foua

Sharing a video of the incident on Facebook, Eva Bartlett said: "The sadism of western-backed terrorist 'rebels' and their White Helmets apologists knows no limits."

Fares Shehabi writes:

"Very important:
"This is a video of how NATO rebels exploded a suicide car bomb as Kafria & Foua kids were stranded for days, starved, then gathered on purpose to kill maximum number of victims! They succeeded in killing more than 116 kids! Then they sent their White Helmets actors to benefit by manipulating the tragedy to their favour knowing very well that they never set foot in the besieged towns of Kafria & Foua for 4 years simply because no Al Qaeda was there!!
"Surviving eyewitnesses spoke of bad treatments by these terrorist rebels after the blast & before the stage was set for White Helmets! Many confirmed that "rebels" shot at them as they rushed to rescue their families & forced them into designated spots to make room for the White Helmets show!"[5]

Corbett on Bartlett

On 6 November 2017, James Corbett spoke to Eva Bartlett to discuss her reporting from Syria. They talked about the lies, propaganda and outright fabrications that have attempted to paint the terrorist insurgency as a “civil war” led by “moderate rebels,” including the use of children like Omran Daqneesh and Bana Alabed as unwitting icons for the fake narrative. They also discussed recommended sources for real information about what’s happening in Syria.[6]

Attacked by the BBC

Photo 2021-11-04 18-49-29.jpg

On 13 October 2020, Eva Bartlett tweeted:[7]

The British state-funded BBC, which has a history of perverted war propaganda against the people of Syria, a history of whitewashing the crimes of terrorists in Syria, a history of flat out lying about events in Syria, has decided to launch another smear against myself & others.[8]
This is the email sent to me by a British state-funded hack who is, btw, such a cowardly hack she hides her Twitter feed.[9]
I have blotted out her email address from her emails to me, but one can easily find it in a google search.[10]

The BBC's Chloe Hadjimatheou has previously sent a similar email to @VanessaBeeley. Vanessa deconstructs that email and the threats the British state-funded hack made against her.[11]

Ukrainian kill list

Ukraine has a kill list, and I'm on it

On 4 June 2022, Eva Bartlett reported:

RT had me on yesterday to discuss the Ukraine's kill list & my entry on it.

I highlighted Canada's cosy relationship with Ukraine, including with the Azov Battalion, Chrystia Freeland's Nazi-collaborating grandpa, and why I feel safer living in Russia than I would were I back in Canada where Ukrainian nationalists & Nazi supporters run rampant and could easily harm or kill me.

I also spoke of how while independent Canadian media reached out to me for an interview, concerned about the kill list entry & my safety, Canadian state-funded media, CBC, reached out to me to attempt to set me up for an interview for what I assume is their pending smear piece on me--and that the CBC journalist's email to me made zero mention of Ukraine's kill list, but what he did mention (my participation in a tribunal on Ukraine's war crimes) could only have come from him reading my entry on Ukraine's kill list as that tribunal was not widely publicised in English or by myself, but is on my kill list entry.[12] Thus he & CBC prioritise pushing war propaganda over addressing Ukraine's kill list which threatens the life of a Canadian journalist.[13]


A Document by Eva Bartlett

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Document:Larry Sanger is right, Wikipedia has become the establishment thought police - just look at my entry on thereArticle12 July 2021Larry Sanger
Orwellian language
Corporate media
Cancel culture
Vanessa Beeley
Eva Bartlett in an op-ed for RT, writes about the problems with Wikipedia.


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