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Concept.png Fact checking
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Interest ofSocial Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis
A thinly veiled effort to counter suspicion in official narratives as promoted by the commercially-controlled media. i.e. "Trust us, we've fact checked this article".

"Fact checking" is a phrase used by the commercially-controlled media to suggest the open-minded checking of facts. In fact, the activities of fact checkers are de facto tightly circumscribed by the funding institution.


"Fact checking" rose to prominence as part of the ill-fated "fake news website" campaign was launched in Autumn 2016, most notably with the Washington Post promotion of the Propornot List that was printed under the name Craig Timberg.


The process of "fact checking" assumes that there are impartial people (or algorithms). In fact such "fact checkers" do not, arguably cannot, exist.[1]

Artificial intelligence

Full article: Artificial intelligence

Various efforts have been made to automate the "fact checking" process, but as of 2019, the fundamental obstacle that computers cannot reliably parse English (or other human languages) remains insurmountable, rendering automated "fact checking" inherently fallible.


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