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(academic, diplomat)
Frans Alphons Maria Alting von Geusau.jpg
Frans Alphons Maria Alting von Geusau in 1969
Born26 June 1933
Bilthoven, Netherlands
Alma materUniversity of Leiden, College of Europe
Member ofLe Cercle
InterestsNetherlands Organisation for International Assistance
A Dutch diplomat and scholar in international law. Von Geusau was also an advisor to the Dutch government from 1968 to 1998.

Frans Alphons Maria Alting von Geusau is a Dutch legal scholar and diplomat.[1] His name is listed in the 1985 participants list of Le Cercle, meking him the only known Dutch member as of February 2020.


Frans Alphons Maria Alting von Geusau is related to Christiaan Alting von Geusau who joined the Knights of Malta in 2008, Jonkheer Jeroen Alting von Geusau who became a Knight of Malta in 2012 and Alexander Alting von Geusau who was chairman of the management board of the JASON Foundation.


He has a law degree from the University of Leiden and attended the College of Europe 1958-1959.[2] He was a research-assistant to Prof. Ernst B. Haas at the University of California (1959-1960). He earned a doctorate in 1962, and founded the Dutch program of youth volunteers (Jongeren Vrijwilligers Programma) the following year.


He was Professor of International Law at the University of Tilburg from 1965 to 1998.[3] He has been a visiting professor at MIT, Harvard University, the University of Cambridge and the University of Michigan. From 1994-2009 he was on the faculty of the Phoenix Institute for the Study of Western Institutions at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana U.S.A, and in 2008 - 2011 Visiting Professor of International Relations in the Advanced LLM program in International Law at Leiden University.[4]

As Chairman of the Academic Lay Mission Action he participated in the foundation of the Netherlands Organisation for International Assistance (NOVIB) in 1961/62. From 1962-1968 he was Chairman of the European Working Group, a European Organisation of young people with Crown Princess Beatrix as President.

From 1964-1971 he was associated with the European Center of the Carnegie Endowment (Geneva) as a member of the permanent study group on international organization.

He was twice invited to be a resident scholar at the Rockefeller Center, Bellagio, Italy (summer 1973 and February 1999). He was a Visiting Scholar at the Wilson Center, Washington DC.(winter 1982) and at the Center for International Affairs. Harvard University (1988-1989).

He was also an advisor on international law and diplomat for the Dutch government. He was Vice President of the European Cultural Foundation from 1984 to 1992, and has been active within Aid to the Church in Need.[4]

On the invitation of Teddy Kollek (Mayor from 1965-1993) he was a member of the Jerusalem Committee from 1978-1993.[4]

Deep politics

His name is listed in the 1985 participants list of Le Cercle, meking him the only known Dutch member as of February 2020.


Event Participated in

Le Cercle/1985 (Washington)7 January 198510 January 1985US
Washington DC
4 day meeting of Le Cercle in Washington exposed after Joel Van der Reijden discovered the attendee list for this conference and published it online in 2011
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