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A renowned independent researcher into the deep state. He serves as an inspiration to Wikispooks and occasionally contributes ISGP-related content himself.

Joël van der Reijden is a Dutch born independent researcher into the deep state. His theories are independent of a lot of other such work on the internet and focus upon hidden power. He has assigned a "global superclass index" to key individuals in an effort to simplify the importance of people and organisations.[1]


Full article: ISGP

Joël van der Reijden created the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics, a website formerly known as the Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions. The site published a number of studies and original documentation on little known but apparently very influential organizations: Le Cercle, The 1001 Club, the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society, the American Security Council, the Center for Security Policy, the OSS Society, the AFIO and others.

Joël van der Reijden has created a database of over 1,300 important NGOs worldwide and all the key people running them. The information resulted in the site's "Superclass Index". [2] Over time, ISGP also created its "Four-Establishment Model" and "Box Model for Politics".[3]

“There most certainly is evidence that quite a bit of child abuse takes place at the highest level of society and that people in this milieu for the most part care little about this problem. Also, there have been very demonstrable ties between the royal house of Orange, Klaas Bruinsma-Etienne Urka-John Engelsma-Charles Geerts Maffia and Intelligence & Operations. This last group was the Dutch brand of CIA Operation Gladio/"Stay Behind" network. These ties have to be investigated much deeper, because it appears that it's from this milieu that a lot of manipulation of the Dutch state has taken place, seemingly including paedophile entrapment operations. And isn't it just really strange that all Dutch names that have been leaked over the years with regard to paedophilia include homosexuals?”
Joël van der Reijden (October 2014)  [4]

In addition, the site published on subjects as the Belgian X-Dossiers [5], peak oil [6], CIA drug trafficking [7], the "Liberal CIA" NGO, media and activist network [8]; its "Conservative CIA" counterpart [9]; Hollywood [10], immigration-related issues [11], the Kennedy assassination [12] and covert politics in Russia. [13]

In contrast to widespread speculation of a second shooter with the RFK assassination, ISGP is of the opinion that there is no evidence whatsoever for a conspiracy in this case.[14] ISGP also disavows the similar speculation of a second shooter with the Pim Fortuyn assassination. [15]

Site closure and reopening

ISGP was closed in late September 2010 "after the millionth page load". With permission of Joël, Wikispooks acquired an archive of the entire site and maintained a live copy of it on the Wikispooks server until Joël reopened ISGP in December 2014.[16]

Basic beliefs

ISGP distances itself from some popular "conspiracy theories" such as Holocaust revisionism, chemtrails, the Illuminati, freemasonry, 9/11 no planes, the Moon landing hoax, flat earth, ancient aliens, Atlantis and anything to do with UFOs.[17]

The site lists as the "most important cover ups/conspiracies of all time": JFK assassination, 9/11, Third World (immigration) crime and ethnic IQ numbers, Operation Gladio, CIA drug trafficking, U.S. support of death squad leaders (especially in Latin America), Hoover's FBI denying that such a thing as the mafia existed until forced to admit it by Robert Kennedy, while the CIA had recruited its leaders to help overthrow Fidel Castro; Neville Chamberlain's collaboration with western banks and multinationals and the fascist]] regimes before World War II to destroy communism and socialism; apparent top level pedophile entrapment networks, 1999 Russian Apartment Bombings, control of the intelligence agencies over the alternative media, reality of the UFO phenomenon and the existence of more than the physical. [18]


Joël van der Reijden has been researching and writing about 9-11 since early 2004, explaining that 9/11 - on the day itself - was the beginning of his skepticism towards government and the media. Starting in 2006 he publicly distanced himself from the subject in order to focus on documenting deep parapolitical networks and not worry about the stigma attached to 9-11 research. However, in the 2012-2016 period he did finish up a number of extensive articles, some of them book-length, that deal with almost every aspect of 9-11: the 9/11 Commission [19], NIST and the World Trade Center collapses [20], WTC 7 as a separate issue [21], suspects within the global superclass [22], and control of the security services over the "mainstream" 9/11 Truth movement - which he has always been in a state of war with. Van der Reijden is primarily supportive of the work of former Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems mechanical design engineer Tony Szamboti, who aided him in some of the World Trade Center analyses. [23]


In January 2013 Van der Reijden introduced the theory that the old Safari Club network (or "Shackley group" as he more often refers to it) surrounding top CIA officers George H. W. Bush, Richard Helms, Frank Carlucci and Theodore Shackley should be considered key suspects of having served as a bridge between Saudi and Pakistani backers of the 9/11 hijackers, top level elements in the Bush administration (President Bush and secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, a best friend and protege of Carlucci), and those who, apparently, rigged the World Trade Centers towers with thermite and explosives.

Van der Reijden also brought in the unique angle of Far West, a Russian-Ukrainian GRU company that since 1998 maintained a secret partnership with Dick Cheney's KBR Halliburton and in addition was tied to the same Saudis of the "Shackley group", as well as to the Pakistani ISI, the global drug trade [24], and seemingly even terrorists that included Shamil Basayev, Ayman Al Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden. [25]

Van der Reijden first began to pay close attention to Ted Shackley after finding out in 2010 that this controversial CIA officer headed Atlantic Cercle, Inc., the registered office of Le Cercle in the 1994-2002 period. In fact, the NGO was registered at Shackley's Florida estate. [26]

Van der Reijden looks at the Shackley group as sitting at the center of a vast range of conspiracies from the 1963 JFK assassination until the destruction of the Twin Towers in 2001. This includes CIA drug trafficking, death squads and Gladio terrorism in Europe.[27]

Truth movement infiltration

Van der Reijden is perhaps the most vocal opponent in the 9/11 Truth movement of any kind of no-plane theories, arguing that they have been invented by the superclass and international security services to discredit the movement. One of his first articles ever, dating back to January 2005, makes a powerful case that Flight 77 did indeed hit the Pentagon [28] He has also been maintaining an extensive list of persons who have promoted no-plane theories.[29]

RFK Assassination

A long article by Joël van der Reijden from 2019 entitled No Evidence of a Conspiracy — Except for the Mountains of Disinformation; What is the Media up to? challenges the idea that the RFK Assassination was a conspiracy.[30]


Quotes by Joël van der Reijden

"Alt-right"“It should be clear that it is with the "Alt Right" where the term "conservative CIA" really comes into its own. As readers will quickly find out by analyzing all the entries here, there's really no point in calling the "Alt Right" the "Alt Right". It should either be called Old Right, or, more accurately, "conservative CIA". Similar to the "liberal CIA" social Democrats and the antifa, it's a completely artificial creation, meant to pervert huge anti-immigration sentiment among the population and prevent any kind of decent, honest research into conspiracies as JFK and 9/11. If you are against further Third World immigration - which easily 70-80% of whites are and 60% of minorities - or open to conspiracy, you are literally forced to take refuge in this pre-created political box and get behind one of the gurus here. Otherwise you and your opinions essentially don't exist.”7 April 2019ISGP
Jan Peter Balkenende“Of course, even if we ever determine that Volkert van der Graaf was an agent, wittingly or unwittingly, of a "liberal CIA", that does not mean that the Fortuyn case is automatically closed. In this article plenty of evidence has been presented that indicates Fortuyn and close allies as Theo van Gogh, Oscar Hammerstein, Gerard Spong and Tomas Ross, like Volkert van der Graaf and "liberal CIA" NGO network and Friends of the Earth, are part of a parallel security state-controlled network of (neo)conservatives and related right-wingers, which we could well term "conservative CIA". At a higher level, this (neo)conservative network actually got its way with the 2004 murder of Theo van Gogh by an Islamic radical.”ISGP
Gladio 3.0“To illustrate in a bit more detail, the terms "liberal CIA" and "conservative CIA" do not refer to establishment GOP and DNC candidates, nor to known superclass members: anyone from Donald Rumsfeld to a Henry Kissinger or Madeleine Albright - because we already know these people have their own agenda. No, these terms denote individuals and groups that present themselves as "opposition" to "the establishment" - but, through a combination of their (dogmatic) opinions and funding from various CIA-tied foundations (or the CIA itself) can be identified as "controlled opposition".”7 April 2019ISGP
Netherlands/Deep state/Functions“The accusations against Bruinsma, Geerts, Scala and Videorama speak for themselves. And this same group has its ties to members of the Dutch royal family. Not mentioned yet, in 1989 Geerts put up a $500,000 bail for U.S. porn boss Reuben Sturman, a good friend of his. Back in the 1970s and 1980s Sturman and his partner Robert DiBernardo, both working for the Gambino crime family (DiBernardo was murdered on orders of John Gotti, soon after he (once again) was indicted for production and distribution of child pornography), maintained a virtual monopoly on the hardcore porn industry in the United States. They were also repeatedly accused of involvement in the production and distribution of child pornography, which until the late 1970s still was somewhat sanctioned. A gigantic portion of this type of material actually was imported from the Netherlands at the time.”October 2014ISGP
Manuel Noriega“[Manuel Noriega] allied himself with the Medellin Cartel, his country serving as an important transit point for cocaine towards the United States. The Reagan administration worked with Noriega in support of the Nicaraguan contras, but by 1989 the dictator was growing out of control and had become such a liability to the United States, that George H. W. Bush ordered an invasion of Panama to capture Noriega. During his trial in the early 1990s, numerous witnesses/drug traffickers accused Noriega of drug trafficking, along with ties to George H. W. Bush, Colonel Oliver North and other CIA Contra figures.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a> As the torture-murder of Hugo Spadafora in particular revealed, Noriega also was an extreme human rights violator who, similarly to the drug cartels and the CIA, had no problem torturing his enemies to death.<a href="#cite_note-2">[2]</a>27 August 2016ISGP


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