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BornEdward Gough Whitlam
Kew, Melbourne, Australia
Died2014-10-21 (Age 98)
Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia
Alma materMowbray House School, Knox Grammar School, Telopea Park School, Canberra Grammar School, University of Sydney
Children • Tony
• Nicholas
• Stephen Catherine
SpouseMargaret Whitlam
Victim of1975 Australian coup
Interest ofAustralian Secret Intelligence Service
PartyAustralian Labor Party
An Australian Prime minister who tried to tread an independent path and rein in the nascent SDS. Ousted in 1975 by a CIA backed coup.

Employment.png Prime Minister of Australia

In office
5 December 1972 - 11 November 1975
Preceded byWilliam McMahon
Succeeded byMalcolm Fraser
Ousted by the CIA and MI6 in the Australian 1975 coup d'état

Employment.png Australia/Minister for Foreign Affairs

In office
5 December 1972 - 6 November 1973

Employment.png Australia/Leader of the Opposition Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
11 November 1975 - 22 December 1977
Preceded byMalcolm Fraser
Succeeded byBill Hayden

Employment.png Australia/Leader of the Opposition Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
9 February 1967 - 5 December 1972
Succeeded byWilliam McMahon

Employment.png Australia/Leader of the Labor Party

In office
9 February 1967 - 22 December 1977
Succeeded byBill Hayden

Employment.png Australia/Deputy Leader of the Labor Party

In office
7 March 1960 - 9 February 1967

Employment.png Member of the Australian Parliament for Werriwa

In office
29 November 1952 - 31 July 1978

Employment.png Minister for Foreign Affairs

In office
5 December 1972 - 6 November 1973

Gough Whitlam was an Australian politician. His independence from the (then emerging) Supranational Deep state caused them to organise a covert coup that removed him from office in 1975. The US deep state was involved, and possibly also Le Cercle.[1]


Whitlam became Prime Minister of Australia on 5 December 1972 and quickly began a series of reforms which distanced Australia from UK, its former colonial master, and from USA. Some of his ministers publicly condemned the American’s indiscriminate bombing of towns, civilian targets and dense population centres as corrupt and barbaric. Whitlam also expressed his unhappiness about the Pine Gap spy station in the middle of Australia, spying on everyone including civilians, government and military.[2]

Gough Whitlam shut down the ASIS operation in Chile in April 1973, five months before the 1973 Chilean coup d'etat, reportedly out of concern that if the public became aware of it, “he would find it extremely difficult to justify our presence there.”[3]


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The "Whitlam Problem" was considered such a threat to US hegemony and control over Australia that they dispatched their problem solver of the moment, ‘Coup Master’ Marshall Green, to Canberra as Ambassador.

The deep political milieu, Le Cercle, has been accused of destabilizing Gough Whitlam's government because it opposed a conservative economic agenda.[1][4]