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Group.png University of Sydney  
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MottoLatin: Sidere mens eadem mutato English: "Though the constellations are changed, the mind is the same."
HeadquartersSydney, NSW, Australia
Type• Public university
• reserach
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SubpageUniversity of Sydney/United States Studies Centre
Fired professor Tim Anderson when he went against official war narrative

The University of Sydney is a public research university located in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1850 as Australia's first university. The university comprises eight academic faculties and university schools, through which it offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

Tim Anderson

In 2018, professor Tim Anderson was suspended on a pretext after having worked as an academic at the University for more than 20 years. Anderson's suspension, which later became a formal sacking, happened after he had long been unpopular with management because of his analysis of war propaganda against Syria, Iraq and Palestine.[1] 30 academics, including several emeritus professors, signed an open letter arguing that academic freedom was “meaningless if it is suspended when its exercise is deemed offensive.”[2]


Open PhilanthropyGrant maker funneling deep state money among other things to pandemic planning. Financed Event 201.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Tony Abbott4 November 1957AustraliaPolitician
Deep state functionary
"The delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift"...
Anthony Albanese2 March 1963AustraliaPoliticianNew Prime Minister of Australia
Gladys Berejiklian22 September 1970AustraliaPolitician
Australian politician; Premier of New South Wales who was blackmailed into vaccine lockdowns.
H. V. Evatt30 April 18942 November 1965AustraliaPoliticianAustralian Minister for External Affairs from 1941 to 1949
John Fahey10 January 19452 September 2020AustraliaPolitician
Laurie Ferguson7 July 1952AustraliaPoliticianAustralian Labor Party politician and member of the Board of Advisors of the spooky Global Panel Foundation.
Nick Greiner27 April 1947AustraliaPoliticianPremier of the Australian state of New South Wales from 1988 to 1992.
Michelle Guthrie1965AustraliaLawyer
WEF/Young Global Leaders 2005. Then worked for Rupert Murdoch and Google. 2015-2017 she was Managing Director for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Brad Hazzard30 August 1951AustraliaPolitician
Deep state actor
health Minister of New South Wales during COVID.
Joe Hockey2 August 1965AustraliaPoliticianAustralian politician and diplomat
John Howard26 July 1939Politician
Martin Indyk1 July 1951USDiplomatUS Ambassador to Israel, Vice president of Brookings
John Kerr (governor-general)24 September 191424 March 1991AustraliaLawyer
Michael Kirby8 March 1939AustraliaJudgeAustralian judge later joining the international atrocity propaganda circuit
Michael L'Estrange12 October 1952AustraliaDiplomat
Civil servant
Rhodes Scholar to Oxford, then studied under Madeleine Albright. Spooky civil servant and Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
Jason Yat-Sen Li1972Australia
Australian corporate lawyer and businessman. WEF/Young Global Leader 2009, when on the board of China-Australia Chamber of Commerce. Heavy Help from ALP leadership figures to start political career.
Edward Littlejohn19171993Australia
BusinesspersonLittle known advertising executive and US organiser of the second and fourth Bilderberg meetings
Brian Martin1947Academic
Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong, Australia, and author of 15 books and hundreds of articles on nonviolence, whistleblowing, scientific controversies, information issues, democracy and other topics.
David McBride1963Whistleblower
Australian Army lawyer who exposed war crimes in Afghanistan.
William McMahon23 February 190831 March 1988Politician
John Moten8 December 1933AustraliaSpook
ASIO Director-General of Security
Lionel Murphy30 August 192221 October 1986AustraliaPolitician
Sandra Nori16 June 1953AustraliaPoliticianMember of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and on the Board of Advisors of the intelligence-linked Global Panel Foundation.
Paul O'Sullivan3 February 1948AustraliaDiplomat
ASIO Director-General of Security
Dennis Richardson14 May 1947AustraliaDiplomat
Australian intelligence boss and Ambassador to the United States.
Philip Ruddock12 March 1943AustraliaPolitician
Spooky Australian Attorney General.
Phil ScanlanAustraliaDeep state operative
Australian businessman that is a leader in many organizations that bring together business and politics.
Greg SheridanAustraliaJournalist
Influential Australian journalist & editor with the Rupert Murdoch-owned The Australian, with possible ties to the Integrity Initiative.
Zeke SolomonAustralia
LawyerAustralian corporate resource development advisor and member of the spooky Global Panel Foundation.
Henry Tsang6 November 1943AustraliaPolitician
Malcolm Turnbull24 October 1954Politician
Prime Minister of Australia 2014-2018
Catherine West14 September 1966UK Labour party politician
Gough Whitlam11 July 191621 October 2014PoliticianAn Australian Prime minister who tried to tread an independent path and rein in the nascent SDS. Ousted in 1975 by a CIA backed coup.
James Wolfensohn1 December 193325 November 2020Australia
Deep state operativeAustralian/US dual national, President of the World Bank, Bilderberg steering committee
Neville Wran11 October 192620 April 2014AustraliaPolitician
Premier of New South Wales 1976-1986. In the pocket of crime boss Abe Saffron.
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