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International groups.

International organisations.  

International Groups on Wikispooks

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APECEconomic forum made up of the 21 countries in the Pacific Rim,
ASEAN union in Southeast Asia.
African Union
Clandestine Planning CommitteeTogether with the Allied Clandestine Committee, coordinates the Operation Gladio 'stay behind' groups.
Commonwealth of NationsOrganisation, mostly consisting of former British Empire nations.
European CommissionThe executive body of the European Union, responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the EU treaties and managing day-to-day business.
European Parliament
European Unionhttp://europa.euAn international superstructure that has evolved since WW2.
EurozoneMonetary union in Europe.
G-20https://g20.orgForum for 20 biggest economies in the world
International Court of Justicehttp://www.icj-cij.orgThe international court charged with preventing war crimes which is constitutionally unable to carry out its mission as regards the permanent members of the UN security council (and their allies) which are also (more or less) the world's most active weapons producers and wagers of illegal war.
International Criminal Courthttp://www.icc-cpi.intAn international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war crimes. Neither "international nor a legitimate court, but is most certainly criminal."
La Francophonie French Commonwealth of Nations
Le CercleA deep state milieu set up around the same time as the Bilderberg, but smaller & far more secretive, attended especially by spooks, deep politicians and editors. Members promote their hawkish agenda by otherwise subverting the democratic process, apparently brokering weapons deals and possibly setting up false flag attacks. Their war making is also ideological - distributing propaganda to stoke fear of communism, promoting the "war on terror" etc.
NATOhttp://www.nato.intThe world's largest military alliance. "Take five broken empires, add the sixth one later, and make one big neo-colonial empire out of it all."
New Development Bankhttp://newdevelopmentbank.intA multilateral development bank operated by the BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)
Opus Dei
Organisation of African Unity
Pacific Community development organisation owned and governed by its 26 country and territory members in the Pacific Ocean.
UKUSAThe 1946 secret agreement between the UK (including Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and USA concerning Communications intelligence sharing. Also known as The 5 Eyes. It is still operational.
UN/General Assembly main policy-making, and representative organ of the United Nations.



Page nameDescription
Muslim BrotherhoodTransnational Sunni Islamist organisation.
Trans-Pacific PartnershipA secret agreement which abrogates several aspects of national sovereignty in the name of "free trade". The US withdrew in January 2017.