Institut für Terrorismusforschung

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Group.png Institut für Terrorismusforschung
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SuccessorInstitut für Terrorismusforschung und Sicherheitspolitik
FounderHans Josef Horchem
HeadquartersBonn, Germany
LeaderHans Josef Horchem
Membership• Rolf Tophoven
• Kai Hirschmann
German research institute. Its work consists mostly of reinforcing the official narrative around "terrorism".

The Institut für Terrorismusforschung (English: Institute for Terrorism Research) is a German research institute which was headed by JCIT speaker, Hans Josef Horchem. The name was in 2003 changed to Institute for Research on Terrorism and Security Policy (IFTUS)[1]. Its work consists mostly of reinforcing the official narrative around "terrorism".[2]

Own words

Our institute has a long tradition. Already in the 1980s there was the 'Institute for Terrorism Research' in Bonn. It was founded by the former president of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Hamburg, Hans Josef Horchem. His deputy was the historian and security expert Rolf Tophoven.

In the 1990s, the general public interest in the analysis of political violence and security policy issues declined, so that the institute temporarily stopped its work. However, this changed from 1998 and especially after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In addition, an embedding of traditional areas of political violence in a broad security policy context became more and more necessary.[3]

Our goal is to provide the general public with information, background information and analyses that go beyond the daily political and current news and start where others stop. The target groups of the institute as well as its journalistic and consulting activities are representatives of politics and media, science, business and companies as well as from the field of security policy.[4]


Known member

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Rolf Tophoven
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