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(policeman, author)
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Died 14 August 2018
Cause of death
Victim of premature death
Interests VIPaedophile
A paedophile investigator who was found dead days after publishing a book about a 1980s paedophilia network involving members of the South African government

Mark Minnie was a policeman detective-turned-author who became interested in paedophilia networks. He was found dead after exposing a pedophilia network with connections to the South African government.[1]

Book Publication

The Lost Boys of Bird Island.jpg

On 8 August 2018, The Lost Boys of Bird Island published, coauthored by Minnie and Chris Steyn which claims to prove that members of South Africa’s last Apartheid government took children to Bird Island, just off the coast of Port Elizabeth, where they were sexually abused and in some cases killed. The book alleges that Magnus Malan and John Wiley were part of it.[1]

Death threats

Tersia Dodo, "a family member of Minnie, told reporters that Minnie had insisted that if anything happened to him, to treat it as murder. “He mentioned to us all the time that his life was in danger and if anything did happen to him we must know that it was done to him not by himself,” she said."[1]

Minnie's co-author, Chris Steyn, also reportedly "received several death threats since the book’s release."[2]


"The body of the former policeman was found laying in bushes of a farm that belongs to one of his friend. The weapon used during this act belongs to that friend. His body shows a gunshot wound on his head. According to the spokesperson of the South African Police, a farewell letter was also found near his cadaver."[3]