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Page nameDescriptionDiedDeath causeDeath location
Epstein Affair/Premature death
Franklin child prostitution ring/Premature death
Corey HaimCanadian actor who died of an "accidental drug overdose" after making accusations relating to Hollywood/VIPaedophile.10 March 2010Drug overdoseSaint Joseph Medical Center
Isaac KappyAn actor who died aged 42 after accusing former Hollywood friends of paedophilia.13 May 2019Car crash
Drąsius KedysStated in 2010 that he would "fight to the end" to expose paedophile activity that had affected his daughter.20 April 2010Lithuania
Mark MinnieA paedophile investigator shot dead nine days after publishing a book about a 1980s VIPaedophile network involving members of the South African government14 August 2018Gunshot
Tracy TwymanAn investigator into claims of paedophilia in Hollywood. She was found dead in 2019. A posthumously released video include discussion and details of death threats against her.July 2019UnknownUS


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