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Parent organizationUK
HeadquartersWhitehall, Westminster, London
LeaderSecretary of State for Defence
Subgroups• United Kingdom Special Forces
• Directorate General Media and Communications
• Directorate of Targeting and Information Operations
• Directorate of Defence Communications
Exposed by2021 British Ministry of Defence leaks
SubpageUK/Ministry of Defence/Press Office
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Propaganda and information control

Regiments and units

Issues, operations and concepts

Weapons and materials

Hellfire Missile


The Integrity Initiative Leak revealed UK MoD subcontrator K0584 to be the Institute for Statecraft.[4]


Director general of Media Communications Simon Macdowall

MoD Press Office 2009

Full article: UK/Ministry of Defence/Press Office
  • Director of News James Shelley Tel: 020 721 85317
  • Chief Press Officer 1 (Policy & Personnel) Nick Pett Tel: 020 721 82906
  • Chief Press Officer 2 (Equipment & Operations) Miguel Head Tel: 020 721 84677
  • Media Operations Team Co-ordinates media bids to visit Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans and other operational theatres.

Squadron Leader Roger Flynn Tel. 020 721 86200 Regional media are encouraged to contact their Regional Defence Press Officer:

  • SCOTLAND Sara Reed Tel: 0131 310 2005 Mob: 07747 767963
  • NORTH EAST Sean Edmunds Tel: 01904 662433 Mob: 07900 138122
  • NORTH WEST Greg Stringer Tel: 01772 260219 Mob: 07899 962569
  • MIDLANDS Mervyn Wynne Jones Tel: 01743 262338
  • WALES Paul Barnard Tel: 01446 744044 Mob: 07876 477795
  • EASTERN Eleanor Treharne-Jones Tel: 01480 425346 Mob: 07876 477803
  • SOUTH EAST Susan Coulthard Tel: 020 721 83259 Mob: 07768 618495
  • SOUTH WEST Jason Impey Tel: 01980 672347
  • NORTHERN IRELAND Ken Johnston Tel: 02892 263261 Mob: 07740 842454[5]

Individuals involved in propaganda


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An open letter the BBC published from a group of academics and military men written to the UK Prime Minister highlighting "global threats", warning that "security is threatened in almost every corner of the globe" and that decreased military expenditure would "damage our international credibility". Authors included at least two members of the Institute for Statecraft.