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Concept.png Hospital 
Hospitals have played a range of roles in deep politics, from venues for clandestine assassinations to appealing targets of false flag attacks.

Hospitals, as controlled environments dealing with people already in poor health, offer obvious opportunities for clandestine assassination.

Role in assassinations

Easy access to drugs, specialised medical knowledge and tight control of visitors make hospitals important locations for deep state operatives. Assassinations can be carried out or covered up.

JFK assassination

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Concern that JFK not survive trumped concerns about a tidy cover up in the JFK assassination, so he was shot by multiple shooters from different angles. This presented problems for the "lone nut" cover story, so his badly damaged skull was reconstructed at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Mark Gorton notes that "the clearest evidence of the military involvement in the Coup can be seen in handling of the autopsy".[1]

MLK assassination

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William Pepper reports two witnesses to indicate that although Martin Luther King was severely wounded by the shooting in Memphis, he was alive in the operating theatre, but then suffocated in the hospital.[citation needed]

Sunny Sheu assassination

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Sunny Sheu was a whistleblower who investigated corruption of US judge Joseph Golia. He was assassinated on June 26, 2010. Will Galison notes that the ER who attended him, Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed, made conflicting statements.[2]

As targets

The Geneva Conventions define markings for hospitals in warzones. Their defenceless nature renders them particularly horrifying targets to attack. As such, they are attractive to the planners of false flag attacks.

Death of William Casey

William Casey was head of the CIA from 1981-1987. The day before he was scheduled to testify before Congress about the Iran–Contra affair, Casey suffered two seizures and was hospitalized. Three days later, he underwent surgery for a previously undiagnosed brain tumor.[3]



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