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Group.png Refugees International/Board
(Board, Advisory Council, Advocates and Staff of Refugees International)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Membership• J Brian Atwood
• Daniel Benjamin
• Frank G. Wisner
• Reuben Brigety
• Richard Holbrooke
• Bill Richardson
• Samantha Power
• Nicholas Burns
• George Soros
• Radhika Coomaraswamy
• John Danforth
• Mark Malloch Brown
• L. Craig Johnstone
• Lorne Craner
• Ryan
• Arthur Dewey
• Erika Feller
• Eric Schwartz
• Avril Haines
• Victoria K Holt
• Abdi Iftin
• Hadeel Ibrahim
• Tun Khin
• Lucy Kiama
• David Kramer
• Mark Lagon
• Andrea Lari
• Kati Marton
• Elisa Massimino
• Juan Mendez
• William Nash
• Augustin Ntabaganyimana
• Thomas Pickering
• Anne Richard
• Hiram Ruiz
• Hala Sarraf
• Shibley Telhami
• Linda Thomas Greenfield
• Joan Timoney
• Maureen White
• David Wippman
• Anne Witkowsky
• Sue Morton
• Farooq Kathwari
• Eileen Shields-West
• James Cobey
• Charlene Engelhard
• Mary Louise Fazzano
• Daniel P. Sullivan
• Tom Getman
• Susan Goodwillie Stedman
• Alan G. Hassenfeld
• Michael Hawkins
• Robert Trent Jones Jr.
• Patricia Cronan

Board[1], Advisory Council, Advocates, Staff[2] and other people associated with Refugees International.


Known members

11 of the 55 of the members already have pages here:

Daniel BenjaminCenter for Strategic and International Studies, Refugees International, "Coordinator for Counterterrorism"
Mark Malloch BrownGeorge Soros-protegé
John DanforthSpoke at the 1979 JCIT on "Terrorism Versus Democracy". He was a mentor of Le Cercle visitor, Paul Dietrich.
Avril Haines"The proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing". Possible central figure in several major psy-ops, including Russiagate and COVID-19.
Richard HolbrookeBilderberg/Steering committee, deep state operative
Frank Wisner IIFormer US Secretary of State, son of Frank Wisner of the mighty wurlitzer
David Kramer
Thomas PickeringSuspected US diplomat and deep politician. Highly connected
Samantha PowerDeveloped angle of "Responsibility to Protect" to create justification for wars
Bill RichardsonUS Bilderberger who went to Myanmar in 2021 "to speed the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines from the COVAX facility to Myanmar and to help mitigate a possible fourth wave of COVID-19."
George SorosFinancial speculator, Beneficiary of Black Wednesday
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