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BornRichard Mervin Bissell Jr.
September 18, 1909
Hartford, Connecticut
DiedFebruary 7, 1994 (Age 84)
Farmington, Connecticut, United States
Member ofJFK/Assassination/Perpetrators, The Georgetown Set

Employment.png Director of the National Reconnaissance Office

In office
September 1961 - February 1962
Co-director with Joseph V. Charyk

Employment.png CIA/Deputy Director for Plans Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
1 January 1959 - 17 February 1962
Preceded byFrank Wisner
Succeeded byRichard Helms

Richard Mervin Bissell Jr. was a US spook.


Richard Bissell studied history at Yale University, and was tapped, but declined membership in Skull and Bones, although his brother William joined.


Frank Wisner persuaded him to join the Central Intelligence Agency. Bissel became a senior CIA officer responsible for major projects such as the U-2 spy plane and the Bay of Pigs Invasion. According to the Independent, Bissell was "the central covert operations man in the Central Intelligence Agency for the central period of the cold war":

Not the most well-known nor the highest-ranking official, Bissell was the man who planned and gave the orders for such low points in American cold-war dirty tricks as the overthrow of Patrice Lumumba, the disastrous invasion of Cuba and the numerous (failed) attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro.[1]


Events Participated in

Colloquium on Counterintelligence24 April 1980 - 26 April 1980
Colloquium on Intelligence and Policy9 November 1984 - 10 November 1984A spooky conference in November 1984


  1. Phillip Frazer, Obituary: Richard Bissell, Independent, 3 March 1994.