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FounderRichard Wilson
InterestsConspiracy theories, “Hate speech”, Hate, “Misinformation”, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express, GB News, OpIndia, Spiked Online
Anti free speech pro censorship organisation which operates under the guise of "preventing hate".

Stop Funding Hate is a British pressure group and social media campaign which promotes advertiser boycotts of right wing media outlets. They are self described experts in "media hate and hate crime".[1] They have had interesting prominence during COVID as the only dissent from the official narrative in the corporate media sector has been seen in the Daily Mail and Daily Express.


They are registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), a type of organisation which is supposed to be formed for non-political purposes. As a registered CIC, they are entitled to public funds. After promoting a semi-successful advertiser boycott of GB News, MPs wrote to the government asking for an investigation into their activities.[2]


The Stop Funding Hate campaign was set up in August 2016 by Richard Wilson, a former Corporate Fundraising Officer at Amnesty International.[3]


In own words

"We’re making hate unprofitable by persuading advertisers to pull their support from publications that spread hate and division."

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