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Group.png Tufts University  
(UniversitySourcewatch Twitter WebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
MottoPax et Lux
(Peace and light)
TypePrivate non-profit
SubgroupsJebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies
Sponsored byClimateWorks
Other nameJumbos



World Peace Foundation


ClimateWorksLarge funder, some of it in secret, of projects intended to steer public opinion and take control over all government policy under the pretext of fighting climate change. Part of "a blob" of similar very wealthy interconnected foundations with opaque structures. Backers include Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Richard E. BissellUSSpook
CSIS,United States Information Agency, USAID...
Barbara Bodine28 August 1948Diplomat
Richard Boucher1951USDiplomatUS career diplomat
Richard Burt3 February 1947USDiplomat
Deep state operative
US Deep state operative who took part in the discussion about "terrorism" at the 1986 Bilderberg. Founded Diligence
Dan Crenshaw14 March 1984Soldier
Republican politician from Texas.
Charles Dallara25 August 1948USBankerBanker who attended the 1989 Bilderberg
Jamie Dimon13 March 1956Banker
"The Most Admired Banker In The World", Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1996. Since 2005 head of JPMorgan Chase
Jeffrey Feltman1959USDiplomat
Deep state actor
US deep state diplomat who has led colour revolutions
Leslie Gelb4 March 193731 August 2019USJournalist
Deep state actor
President of the Council on Foreign Relations and opinion-making New York Times journalist.
Shukri Ghanem9 October 194229 April 2012Politician
Richard Goodwin7 December 193120 May 2018USAuthorAide and speechwriter to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, and to Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Helped plan 1964 Brazil coup.
Robert D. Hormats13 April 1943USEconomistDeep state connected vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates.
Roberta Jacobson8 March 1962Diplomat
Deep state operative
David KramerAcademic
Peter Krogh1937USAcademicDean of the Walsh School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University for 25 years.
Susan Livingstone13 January 1946
William LutiUSMariner
Deep state functionary
Special Advisor for National Security Affairs to Dick Cheney. Attended the 2004 - 2007 Bilderbergs
Mariana Mazzucato16 June 1968Italy
Economist who attended the 2018 Bilderberg meeting. A shill for Big Pharma, she also advocates climate lockdowns.
Gina McCarthy3 May 1954EPA administrator 2013-17
Cynthia McKinney17 March 1955USActivist
American politician who did question the official narrative of 9/11 early on.
Daniel Moynihan16 March 192726 March 2003USDiplomat
US diplomat who pushed the "war on terror"
Siamak Namazi14 September 1971Iran
Iranian-American academic convicted of espionage by Iran in 2016. National Endowment for Democracy Fellow in 2005. Selected a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2007.
Pierre Omidyar21 June 1967Businessperson
Thomas Pickering5 November 1931USDiplomat
Deep politician
Suspected US diplomat and deep politician. Highly connected
Bill Richardson15 November 1947USPoliticianUS Bilderberger who went to Myanmar in 2021 "to speed the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines from the COVAX facility to Myanmar and to help mitigate a possible fourth wave of COVID-19."
Chuck Rosenberg10 September 1960Administrator of the US Drug Enforcement Administration
Richard Snyder1933USPublishing executiveExecutive in corporate publising giant Simon & Schuster.
Don Craig Wiley21 October 194415 November 2001USBiologistNational expert on infections diseases who "accidentally fell off bridge" in November 2001.
Walter Wriston3 August 191919 January 2005USBanker
Chairman of Citigroup 1970-84
Peter deFazio27 May 1947PoliticianU.S. Representative for Oregon. Opposed Patriot Act.
Behlül ÖzkanTurkeyAcademicTurkish academic Bilderberger


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