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Of particular geopolitical interest primarily because of the fossil fuel reserves of the Persian Gulf.

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US/Foreign policy“The US/Saudi/Israeli alliance against Iran is the most important geo-political factor in the region today. It is high time this alliance stopped both funding ISIS and pretending to fight it; schizophrenia is not a foreign policy stance.”Craig Murray20 December 2018


Nation states

Nation stateDescription
BahrainOil rich
EgyptStrategically important due particularly to the Suez canal.
IranIran possesses the 4th largest oil reserves of any nation state.
IraqIraq possesses the 5th largest oil reserves of any nation state.
IsraelRenewing the Memorandum of Understanding in September 2016, whereby the American taxpayer agreed to pay Israel $38 billion over a 10-year period
KuwaitKuwait has the 6th largest oil reserves of any nation state.
QatarOil rich, gas richer!
Saudi ArabiaLongtime political ally of the USA, Saudi Arabia possesses larger easily accessible oil reserves than any other nation state.
SyriaA nation state in the Middle East being targeted by NATO countries and their terrorist proxies with a "humanitarian intervention"/"War on Terror" campaign to effect 'regime change'.
TurkeyTurkey is a nation state at the south east corner of Europe.
United Arab EmiratesThe United Arab Emirates has the 7th largest oil reserves of any nation state.
YemenA war torn country in the Middle East


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TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Arabs Beware the Small States Optionarticle29 July 2013Sharmine NarwaniA succinct introduction to proposals, widely canvassed among Western Elites but otherwise largely suppressed, to impose a new political settlement on the entire Middle East involving the re-ordering of its national borders along sectarian lines. These proposals represent the increasingly dominant leitmotif of 21st century Globalist driven Middle-Eastern policy.
Document:Backing the Wrong Horsemanblog postCraig MurrayThe neo-con drive to dominate the Middle East, in alliance with Saudi Arabia and Israel, has caused an apocalyptic level of death and destruction, which I put (an extremely conservative figure) at 5 million dead. Now compare that to the worldwide death toll from coronavirus: 220,000. Let me say that again. Western aggressive wars to coronavirus: 5,000,000 versus 220,000.
Document:Bitter Roots - The Bases of Present Conflicts in the Middle Eastspeech1977J. Rives Childs
Document:Syria Turkey Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy Warreport12 October 2012William EngdahlA comprehensive report on the struggle to control Middle East oil and gas, exposing the plans behind Western/Israeli diplomatic and military activity towards Syria & Iran. The current state of affairs accords very closely with a publication of the Brookings Institution's "Saban Centre for Middle East Studies" - the PDF of which was removed from the Brookings web site in early October.
Document:Western Power And The Middle Eastworking paperDenis Healey
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