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Started: 2009

Member of: Poynter Institute/List, PropOrNot/List

Main focus: False flags

Washington's Blog published an image of Google Trends data, showing that after the Boston Bombing, interest in False Flags was an all time high:

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Documents sourced from Washington's Blog

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Donald Rumsfeld and the demolition of WTC 7article9-11/WTC Controlled demolition
Donald Rumsfeld
22 May 2014Kevin RyanFurther evidence of Donald Rumsfeld's complicity in the events of 9/11, with particular reference to his substantial connection to WTC7 and his lying about it and its destruction..
Document:Obama Should Release MH-17 IntelMemorandumMalaysia Airlines Flight 1722 July 2015Veteran Intelligence Professionals for SanityUS Intelligence Officials Demand that Obama Release MH-17 Intel
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