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(investigative journalist, author)
Born28 April 1954
Pennsylvania USA
Alma materUniversity of Mississippi
American online investigative journalist, author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs.

Wayne Madsen is an American online investigative journalist, author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs.[1][2][3][4][5] He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report.[6]

Background and early life

Madsen was born in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania on April 28, 1954 to an American mother and a Danish mariner. His grandmother, who emigrated to the U.S. with his father after World War II was Victoria Madsen, a Danish communist party official.[7][8] In the 1950s Victoria Madsen was deported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Madsen attended the University of Mississippi where he joined the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps.[9]


U.S. Navy

Upon graduation from University of Mississippi, he joined the U.S. Navy. He was commissioned an ensign.

In early 1982 he was stationed at the classified Naval Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) station at Coos Head, which had an allowance of twelve officers, ninety-five enlisted and 15 civilians. He was later given a bad fitness report by his executive officer, Lt. Cmdr. Marney Finch who transferred him to Washington D.C. later that year.[10]

In 1984, Madsen reports that he was loaned to the National Security Agency by the Navy.[11] He resigned from the Navy in 1985 as a lieutenant, having been passed over for promotion. Madsen described himself as the "most senior lieutenant in the Navy".[12]

Post-Navy career

Between 1985 and 1989 Madsen held a series of jobs, first working for RCA as a government consultant on contracts for the National Security Agency (NSA). Later he worked for the Navy's Naval Data Automation Command as a civilian employee. After this Madsen briefly established his own consulting firm, then worked for the National Bureau of Standards, and later for the State Department.[11] In 1990 Madsen joined Computer Sciences Corporation, working there from 1990 until 1997,[11] when he joined the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) as a senior fellow. In 1998, while at EPIC, Madsen was described by journalist Jason Vest in the Village Voice as one of the world's leading SIGINT and computer security experts,[13] In late January 2005 Madsen left EPIC.[11] While at EPIC he appeared as a guest on 60 Minutes,[14] ABC Nightline,[15]Voice of America,[16] National Public Radio.,[17] and Marketplace,[18]

Blogging and journalism career

He has been described as an "odd individual" devoted to writing in an area that "teeters on a slippery slope, at the foot of which is the whole repository of Internet-perpetuated conspiracy theories" which leads to much of his writing being treated with skepticism.[19] In 2005 Madsen began working as a free-lance journalist. He produces a blog called the Wayne Madsen Report. His articles have appeared in publications such as CorpWatch, CounterPunch, CovertAction Quarterly, In These Times, Multinational Monitor, The American Conservative, The Progressive and The Village Voice. His columns have appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Columbus Dispatch, Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald and the Sacramento Bee.[9][20] He appeared on WETA-TV's "White House Chronicle" in January 2012.[21] He is a frequent contributor to the Alex Jones show.[22] He has appeared as a guest on Al Jazeera,[23] Russia Today,[24] Press TV,[25] and CNBC,.[26]



Full article: Rated 4/5 9-11

In 2003 he said that he had uncovered information in a classified congressional report that he claimed contained information linking the September 11 attacks to the government of Saudi Arabia and the Bush administration through financial transactions with the hijackers. The Saudi Foreign Minister demanded the report be declassified so it could respond, however, the Bush administration refused, claiming that to do so would compromise intelligence sources and methods.[27]

In a 2010 interview for Veterans Today, Madsen claimed that the 9/11 attacks were "an operation carried out by Mossad, Saudi intelligence,...and elements of the CIA." [28]

In 2013, after a week of investigation, Madsen concluded that Philip_Marshall was assassinated because of his books about 9/11.[29]


Madsen wrote in The Palestine Telegraph that hundreds of Iraqi scientists who had been assassinated or died in accidents after the invasion in 2003 were actually murdered by Mossad hit teams operating in Iraq.[30]

In 2005 he said that the pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, had pressured American politicians to stay away from protests against the Iraq War.[31]

He has stated that members of AIPAC and Israel's Mossad dominate CNN's management and urges his readers to boycott CNN and its advertisers until they are fired. He has begun a project to oppose Israel as a threat to world peace.[32] Madsen has stated in an interview that "the Israeli lobby owns the Congress, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, both political parties and the White House".[33][34]

In a 2008 ArabNews article, Madsen is quoted as suggesting that the criminal prosecution of New York State governor Eliot Spitzer was partly due to the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.[35]

Swine Flu

On April 25, 2009, Madsen said that unidentified journalists from Mexico and Indonesia had spoken to some unidentified UN World Health Organization officials and scientists believed the 2009 new H1N1 strain of swine flu virus appeared to be the product of U.S. military sponsored gene splicing, as opposed to natural processes.[36][37]

US Foreign Policy

Full article: US/Foreign Policy

In 2002 he suggested to The Guardian that the United States Navy had aided in an attempted overthrow of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez.[38]

On May 17, 2005, Madsen announced that America was secretly running the civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) before a Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights hearing on the situation in the DRC. According to the news magazine New African, Madsen's testimony "was so revealing that the mainstream Western media...have refused to print it."[39] In October 2005, he wrote that "an unidentified former CIA agent" claimed that the USS Cole was actually hit by a Popeye cruise missile launched from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine.[40]

In 2010, Madsen reported in the Pakistan Daily that unnamed sources suggested that the company formerly known as Blackwater, had been conducting false flag operations in Pakistan that were blamed on the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan.[41]

Gary Caradori

In 2014 Wayne Madsen alleged that Gary Caradori, who was investigating the Franklin child prostitution ring, was assassinated by the FBI who placed a bomb aboard his plane.[42]

Grey Wolves

Wayne Madsen wrote in 2007 that “The Turkish Gray Wolves and the pan-Turkic National Action Party (NAP) made common cause with the neo-cons and their Israeli friends. The Wolves and the NAP considered the peoples of Soviet Central Asia to be "captive Turks." The Turkish right-wing nationalists foresaw a nuclear-armed Turkey extending from Thrace to the central Asian steppes.” [43]


Documents by Wayne Madsen

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Brussels Attack: Another Chapter in NATO's Gladio Strategy?article27 March 2016Operation Gladio
Operation Gladio/B
2016 Brussels Bombing
Analysis of the 2016 Brussels Bombing from an experienced terror-sceptic.
Document:Orwell's 1984 - Irregular warfare against Eurasiaarticle23 June 2014The Great Game
2014 Ukraine coup
From Halford Mackinders Heartland Theory to 21st century Colour revolutions, Orwell's dystopian 1984 vision is being realised.
Document:Phone Wrecks: The Secret Agenda of Ashton and Nulandarticle7 March 20142014 Ukraine coupIt has become a predictable and all-to-familiar feature of US sponsored regime-change operations that mysterious snipers turn out to kill both government forces and opposition protesters before disappearing.
Document:The Massive PSYOP Employed against Ukraine by GCHQ and NSAarticle28 February 2014GCHQ
US/Sponsored Regime-change efforts since 1945
Ukraine Riots 2013-14
The rapidly developing internet and electroic communications-based PSYOPS capabilities of US-UK intelligence agencies and their targeted use against the government of the Ukraine
Document:The demise of global communications securityWikispooks Page21 September 2005National Security Agency
Mass surveillance
Crypto AG
United States Intelligence Community
Document:US Nuclear Weapons Unaccountablewebpage23 September 2011Arms deal
US/Nuclear weapons
Document:Israeli co-option of Europe's far-right political partieswebpage6 August 2011Zionism
2011 Norway attacks


A Quote by Wayne Madsen

Claire Sterling“The Judith Miller-like journalist in those days who spun the story about Agca's Soviet Bloc connections was Claire Sterling, whose disinformation was quickly picked up by The Reader's Digest, New York Times, NBC News, and other mainstream media outlets.”28 May 2007Rense
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