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Start 1945
Interest of National Endowment for Democracy

See also US Bombing campaigns since 1945 and US Foreign Assassinations since 1945.



Page nameDateDescription
2003 Iraq War2003 - Present
2011 Attacks on Libya15 February 2011 - 23 October 2011A premeditated act of aggression that was carried out under a pretext of "humanitarian intervention".
2014 Ukraine coup2013 - Present
Australia/1975 coup d'état15 October 1975 - 11 November 1975A CIA/MI6-backed covert "constitutional coup" to remove Gough Whitlam whom they saw as a loose cannon.
Bolivia/1980 coup d'étatJune 1980
Chile/1973 coup d'état11 September 1973
Guatemala/1954 coup d'état18 June 1954 - 27 June 1954A coup organised by the CIA to protect the profit of United Fruit.
Iran/1953 coup d'état15 August 1953 - 19 August 1953The first large scale regime change carried out by the CIA, at the behest of big oil. In 2000, the US state department changed its official narrative by finally admitting responsibility.
JFK/Assassination22 November 1963The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. This is the seminal deep political event of modern times. And no, it wasn't a 'lone nut'… There were much bigger motives. The facts remain that JFK was on terrible terms with the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff as-well as every other element of the deep state.
Watergate coup17 June 1972 - 9 August 1974This is framed by the official narrative as a simple case of political corruption, one which proves that "the system works", since the powerful perpetrator was caught - if not actually brought to justice, since outgoing president Nixon was immediately pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford. In fact it may well have been the outworking of a deeper political power struggle at work.

Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Australia - The Forgotten Couparticle16 March 2014John PilgerThe November 1975 dismissal of duly elected Australian Prime minister Gough Whitlam by Queen Elizabeth's governor general Sir John Kerr. And Australians STILL think they live in an independent democratic country
Document:Costs President Obama is about to pay for Ukrainearticle1 March 2014Andre FomineOriental Review's prognosis for the denouement of US-Western sponsored 'regime-change' efforts in Ukraine
Document:Harold Pinter - 2005 Nobel Prize lecturespeech7 December 2005Harold PinterHarold Pinter's Nobel Prize acceptance speech made by video-link to the ceremony in Norway because of his illness. He was in the terminal stages of cancer. The speech is inspirational in its scathing rejection of Western (especially US) foreign policy objectives and methods.
Document:Invasions of the Mind Snatchersarticle19 February 2014Nebojsa MalicA good introduction to the current template and modus-operandi of US/NATO-sponsored "Regime-change" operations which began with the destruction of Yugoslavia and have been repeated in at least a dozen countries in so-called "colour revolutions" and the "Arab Spring" in the decade or so since
Document:Spring fails in Ukrainian plunderlandarticle5 March 2014Pepe EscobarAcerbic commentary and wit on the 2013-14 US sponsored coup in the Ukraine.
Document:The Brown Revolution in Ukrainearticle24 February 2014Israel ShamirIsrael Shamir's take on the February 2014 events in Western Ukraine with a pithy, numbered outline of this particular 'Regime-change' modus-operandi - one which is becoming wearily predictable and familiar to students of these things.
Document:The Massive PSYOP Employed against Ukraine by GCHQ and NSAarticle28 February 2014Wayne MadsenThe rapidly developing internet and electroic communications-based PSYOPS capabilities of US-UK intelligence agencies and their targeted use against the government of the Ukraine
Document:US media, politicians mobilize against Sochi Olympicsarticle10 February 2014Andrea PetersA useful analysis of the orchestrated campaign of vilification against Russia and its president coincident with the run-up to the Sochi winter Olympics.
Document:Ukraine: One ‘Regime Change’ Too Many?article1 March 2014Ray McGovernA veteran CIA analyst's take on the US-NATO regime change push in the Ukraine
Document:Ukraine: another piece in US-NATO-EU neo-con puzzlearticle21 February 2014John RoblesThe 2014 coup in Ukraine is further confirmation of the US foreign policy goal outlined by then Secretary of defence Paul Wolfowitz in a 2001 memo: "...we’ve got about 5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet regimes before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us"
Document:Victoria Nuland's 'Ukraine-gate' Deceptionsarticle9 February 2014Daniel McAdamsA rundown of the for-public-consumption deceptions of Victoria Nuland in connection with her "Ukraine-Gate" telephone call gaff, details of which broke in early February 2014

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