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(Computer scientist, Whistleblower)
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A Google whistleblower who took a moral stance against the mendacity of Google's political bias and covert social agenda of shaping public opinion. In 2019, he publicly released a cache of internal documents through Project Veritas.

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2011 - 2019

Zachary Vorhies is a computer scientist who worked for Google for 11 years.[1] After collecting a cache of internal documents he leaked them online through Project Veritas, and explained why in an interview.[2] In 2020 he worked with Judy Mikovits on Plandemic.

“The reason why I collected these documents was because I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company. I felt that our entire election system was going to be compromised for ever, by this company that told the American public that it was not going to do any evil... they were intending to sculpt the information landscape, so that they could create their own version of what was objectively true.”
Zach Vorhies (August 2019) [citation needed]


Vorhies scripted Rampage: Total Destruction, a video game, in 2006.[3] He worked on Google Earth from 2008 - 2013.[1]

In July 2013 he founded a Fashion technology company, Zackees. This sells "Zackees Turn Signal Gloves", self-illuminating gloves to assist cyclists when signalling left or right,[4] a product he invented and patented.[1]

2018 Shooting

Zach Vorhies spoke to news reporters after a shooting at YouTube.[5]

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Vorhies began to feel uncomfortable in Google after 2016 when he reports that "they started changing everything". Although denying the existence of blacklists, these lists were accessible to him as a full time company employee. He began to collect a cache of internal documents.

In July 2019, Greg Coppola blew the whistle on Google, through Project Veritas. When Vorhies asked his friends whom they thought could be trusted to help him with the leak, and they recommended Project Veritas. Within days of speaking to them (and giving them a cache of documents), Google sent him a letter, indicating that they knew what he had done and demanding access to his computers to remove the copied documents. After making legal enquiries, he set up a dead man's switch and notified Google.

Public release

In August 2019, Zach Vorhies was interviewed on camera. He explained his conduct in an interview with James O'Keefe.

Google's Secret Natural Health Censorship w/ Sayer Ji & Zach Vorhies[6] video archive via AltCensored)

“I've been living with this burden for 3 years, since 2016 when they started changing everything... To have that burden lifted off of my soul... I've never felt happier, or more at piece with myself than I am right now.”
Zach Vorhies (July 2019)  [7]

Views on corporate media

“As a trained scientist I have a multifaceted view of the world based on evidence and fact. Therefore any claim that someone has fringe beliefs or theories should be checked against and see what the views of the rest of america are and what they search for. They may find that many beliefs that are slandered as fringe are actually mainstream beliefs of we-the-people.”
Zach Vorhies [8]


In 2020 Zach Vorhies worked with Judy Mikovits on Plandemic.

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