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Integrity Initiative Leak 6.png
Date8 February 2019
Exposed • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Australia
• Euan Grant

The 6th tranche of the Integrity Initiative Leak was posted on 8 February 2019.

While the UK Government keeps on defying our demands for an honest and unbiased investigation into the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative’s meddling in domestic affairs of sovereign European states, Chris Donnelly’s team awkwardly try to justify their illegal activity paid for by the British taxpayers. The Integrity Initiative’s German cluster held a meeting in Berlin on the 31st of January 2019. A well-known British intelligence officer Harold Elletson and the cluster’s chief Dr Hannes Adomeit co-chaired the event. They again made an effort to divert people’s attention from the organisation’s wrongful activity in the European Union. However their pathetic attempt has been shattered to pieces by irrefutable evidence that we have been and will continue to share with you.[1]


=Collaboration with Edelmann Intelligence

In September 2018, Edelman Intelligence undertook initial work for the Institute for Statecraft

that looked at:

  1. Perceptions of false information and fake news
  2. Positive and negative perceptions of Russia overall across countries
  3. The impact of and how to best tackle the issue of false information coming from Russia

Integrity Initiative/Leak/7

Full article: Integrity Initiative/Leak/7

The seventh Integrity Initiative leak, presumably the last one, was posted on 25 March 2019.