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Corsair III.jpg
The Corsair III in 1902, a luxury yacht owned by J. P. Morgan, which hosted his Corsair Club.
After J. P. Morgan's 1907 Panic, the money trust consolidated its control over Wall St, facilitating the plan to regain control of the US financial system. In 1902, the Pilgrims Society was founded, and important and still extant Deep state milieu.

Deep state milieux

In 1902, the Pilgrims Society was founded, which was to prove a long lived and important Deep state milieu and point of contact for bankers an other deep state operatives in the UK and US deep states. Deep state milieux of the age are not well reported on this website, but one such was J. P. Morgan's Corsair Club, an elite dining club.

Military build up


Colonial rivalry

European nation states rapidly accumulated colonies, by sending superior military force to subjugate local opposition.


Related Quotation

Netherlands/Deep state“The Netherlands has a long history with cocaine. In the early 1900s, the Dutch East India Company – having exploited and enslaved millions of people – began growing coca in its colonies in Indonesia. There was even a cocaine factory in Amsterdam, which supplied marching powder to all sides in World War One. When international treaties finally put a halt to the Dutch’s rampant coke dealing, Rotterdam emerged as a key import site for the illicit trade of the drug from South America.”Vice News2020
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