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Discussing the Federal Reserve Act.jpg
The Senate banking committee discussing the Federal Reserve Act. This act placed control of the US money supply into a private, for-profit corporation.
1913 was a landmark year for The Money Trust. They had fought for decades (at least) to capture the US money supply. The creation of the Federal Reserve System guaranteed a source of vast unearned income and a political powerbase, a point of de facto leverage over the supposedly inviolate political process.

In 1913 The Money Trust successfully gained control over the US dollar, which allowed them to consolidate their position as the ruling US Deep state faction.

Pujo Committee

Full article: Pujo Committee

The Pujo Committee concluded its investigations into The Money Trust. Their report noted a high degree of concentration of control by a few financiers. After a piece of masterful misdirection, the report was used to promote the Federal Reserve Act, in fact a plan of the same money trust, but which was presented as a decentralised system that would counteract this tendency.

Federal Reserve Act

Full article: Federal Reserve Act

On December 23rd, 1913, the Federal Reserve Act became US law, passing control of the US money supply into the hands of private bankers, providing a vast source of unearned income which is tapped to this day. This was to become a model of great importance to the supranational deep state after it was exported worldwide, using the "national debt" as a method whereby the controllers of the national currency can extract arbitrary proportions of the national government's budget.


Related Quotation

Document:The Occult Technology of Power“From now on depressions will be scientifically created.”1913



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New Groups

AlbaniaFlag of Albania.svgNation stateA small country in Southeastern Europe.
Moreton Hall SchoolMoreton hall.jpgUK boarding and day school
Erasmus University RotterdamErasmus University Rotterdam.pngSoldier
Public research university located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Anti-Defamation LeagueADL.pngCivil rights law
US/Federal ReserveFederal Reserve System logo.svgThe privately held cartel which profits from the US$ monopoly. It was set up by The Money Trust on December 23, 1913 after the failure of earlier privatisations by stealth of the US money supply. The petrodollar allowed this system to reap profits globally during much of the 20th century.


Groups that were Wound Up

Pujo CommitteeGroup.pngA US congressional subcommittee that probed the Money Trust. The original chair, Arsene Pujo, withdrew after about a month, so it was actually chaired by Hubert D. Stephens.




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathSummaryDescription
J. P. Morgan17 April 183731 March 1913Italy
Deep politician
Ultra wealthy US deep politician whose The Money Trust ruthlessly dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation there for decades.
George Bowdoin25 September 183318 December 1913New YorkBanker
Deep state operative
Banker with Drexel Morgan & Co. Corsair Club



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Arnold Beichman1913New York16 February 2010Author
Alberto Giovannetti1913Sabina1989
Gideon Rafael1913Germany10 February 1999DiplomatA co-founder of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and speaker at the 1979 JCIT.
Denis Greenhill19132000Diplomat
Deep state functionary
Spooky diplomat whose cable concerning the expulsion of the inhabitants of the Chagos Islands which was "condescending, misogynistic and racist, even by 1960s standards."
John Earman191310 April 1974SpookA CIA Inspector General for 6 years who opposed Operation Midnight Climax. Very little information is available about him as of 2019.
George Krutilek19134 April 1962Accountant
Lyndon Johnson/Body count
Worked for Billie Sol Estes. Died in suspicious circumstances. It was ruled a suicide.
Duncan Chaplin Lee1913China1988SpookUS soviet spook
Phoebe Pool1913London
December 1971SpookBritish art historian and spy for the Soviet Union. Spooky suicide in 1971.
Hans Merkle1 January 1913Pforzheim22 September 2000Triple Bilderberger. Centrally placed German business leader and chairman of Robert Bosch GmbH. Friend of Henry Kissinger.
Fred Black191322 January 1993Lobbyist
Frederick Beebe19131 May 1973Editor
Corporate lawyer
Single Bilderberg corporate lawyer
Alfred Neal1913March 2000EconomistUS economist who attended the 1958 Bilderberg
Frederick Deming1913August 2003Central bankerUS central banker, stint in government under Lyndon Johnson, and Lazard Freres
Andreas Egbert van Braam Houckgeest19131981Personal secretaryPrivate Secretary to Prince Bernhard, later responsible for royal finances
Theunis Willem de Jongh1913Economist
Central banker
Internationally well connected South African banker in Apartheid era
Andre de Staercke19132003DiplomatAttended the 1969 Bilderberg as Belgian Permanent Representative to NATO
Gabriel Ferras19131970BankerGeneral Manager of the BIS from 1963 until his death in 1970
Nejat Eczacıbaşı5 January 1913Turkey
6 October 1993Chemist
Deep state operative
Triple Bilderberger Turkish businessman who co-founded Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association
Richard Nixon9 January 1913California
Yorba Linda
22 April 1994Politician
A relatively independent US president who may have been removed from power because he was planning to expose the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.
Eric Wyndham White26 January 191327 January 1980EconomistFounder and first executive secretary of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. This became the GATT/DG after the 1964 Bilderberg, which Eric Wyndham White attended.
Merriman Smith10 February 191313 April 1970Journalist
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Put the first story about the JFK Assassination on the UPI newswire. Supposedly shot himself.
Clyde Cameron11 February 1913Murray Bridge
South Australia
14 March 2008Politician
Union organizer
Australia Labor minister during the 1975 coup d'etat. "We knew MI6 was bugging Cabinet meetings for the Americans."
Jimmy Hoffa14 February 1913US
30 July 1975Fraudster
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Labor leader
US labor leader whose disappearance may be related to the JFK Assassination
Richard Jaeger16 February 191315 May 1998PoliticianGerman politician
Henry Warner Kloepfer25 February 1913Academic
Ed Gullion2 March 1913US
17 March 1998DiplomatUS career diplomat
William Casey13 March 1913New York
6 May 1987Ronald Reagan's campaign manager, who was appointed Director of Central Intelligence.
Giuseppe Petrilli13 March 1913Italy
13 May 1999AcademicThe first Italian European Commissioner on the Hallstein Commission 1958-1961. Attended 1965 Bilderberg meeting.
Stefan Possony15 March 1913Austria
26 April 1995Academic
Clay Shaw17 March 1913US
15 August 1974Spook
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
The only person prosecuted in connection with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Lew Wasserman22 March 1913Ohio
3 June 2002Criminal
Deep state operative
Hollywood studio head
Hollywood studio head mobster who "basically owned [Ronald] Reagan" according to Whitney Webb
Alan Westerman25 March 1913New Zealand18 May 2001One of very few people from the Southern hemisphere who have attended a Bilderberg.
Richard Helms30 March 1913Pennsylvania
St. Davids
23 October 2002Spook
Deep state actor
Per Borten3 April 191320 January 2005Politician
Jules Léger4 April 1913Quebec
22 November 1980DiplomatGovernor General of Canada 1974-79
Harold Weisberg8 April 191321 February 2002Author
Lawrence de Neufville9 April 1913Spook
Karl-Uwe von Hassel21 April 1913Gare
Lushoto District
German East Africa
8 May 1997Politician
Mary Sherman21 April 1913US
21 July 1964Researcher
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Cancer researcher interested in the JFK Assassination. In 1964 she was stabbed in the heart, arm, leg and stomach and her mattress had been set on fire.
John Oakes23 April 19135 April 2001Spook
"Media asset" of James Jesus Angleton who ran the editorial page of the New York Times.
Maurice Gibson1 May 191325 April 1987JudgeJudge killed by the IRA.
Ralph Enckell13 May 1913Helsinki18 May 2001DiplomatFinnish diplomat. President Uhro Kekkonen's chief adviser on international politics.
Donald Maclean25 May 1913London
6 March 1983SpookBritish diplomat who conveyed government secrets to the Soviet Union
Peter Cushing26 May 191311 August 1994
Umberto Ortolani31 May 1913Italy
17 June 2002Spook
Anatoli Yatskov31 May 1913Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Russia/Tsarist Russia
26 March 1993Spook
Jean Allard12 June 1913Quebec
23 April 1996SoldierSenior Canadian soldier. Bilderberg 1968
Joseph Morris14 June 1913Lancashire
11 October 1996Union organizerCanadian Anti-communist trade union leader who attended Bilderberg/1975
William P. Rogers23 June 1913New York
2 January 2001PoliticianUS Secretary of State overshadowed by Henry Kissinger
Max Beloff2 July 1913London22 March 1999Propagandist
"Think-tanks can be important in bringing about a change in broad public perceptions..." British historian who founded the University College of Buckingham, now the University of Buckingham.
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