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Person.png Ariel Sharon   Powerbase Sourcewatch WikiquoteRdf-icon.png
(Soldier, Politician)
BornAriel Scheinermann
Kfar Malal, British Mandate of Palestine
DiedJanuary 11, 2014 (Age 85)
Ramat Gan, Israel
Alma materHebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University
ReligionJewish agnosticism
SpouseMargalit Sharon
PartyLiberal Party,  Likud,  Kadima

Employment.png Prime Minister of Israel Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
March 7, 2001 - April 14, 2006
Preceded byEhud Barak

Employment.png Minister of Foreign Affairs

In office
October 13, 1998 - June 6, 1999
Preceded byBenjamin Netanyahu

Employment.png Minister of Energy and Water Resources

In office
July 8, 1996 - July 6, 1999

Employment.png Minister of Housing and Construction

In office
June 11, 1990 - July 13, 1992

Employment.png Minister of Industry Trade and Labour

In office
September 13, 1984 - February 20, 1990

Employment.png Minister of Defense

In office
August 5, 1981 - February 14, 1983
Preceded byMenachem Begin
Succeeded byMenachem Begin

Employment.png Minister of Agriculture

In office
June 20, 1977 - August 5, 1981


Prime Minister of Israel.


“Every time we do something you tell me America will do this, America will do that.... I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people control America and the Americans know it.”
Ariel Sharon (3 October 2001)  [1]
Speaking to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kon Yisrael Radio


Tony Blair at Ariel Sharon's funeral (January 2014)

In January 2014, Craig Murray wrote on his blog:

"Seeing Tony Blair speaking at Ariel Sharon’s funeral – one war criminal eulogising another – was so horrifying it has jolted this blog back out of retirement. There may be no justice, but there can be truth."[2]


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Document:Ariel Sharon - War is Peacearticle14 January 2014David EdwardsA review of how the western corporate media reported on the legacy of Ariel Sharon following his death in early January 2014, together with evidence of the unreported reality.
Document:Murdoch's Deeply Hidden Jewish RootsArticle16 July 2011Christopher Bollyn“For some reason, Keith Rupert Murdoch has always tried to hide the fact that his pious mother, Elisabeth Joy Murdoch (née Greene), brought him up as a Jew.”
Document:Sharon took Brave Decisions for Peace says Agent Cameronarticle13 January 2014Stuart LittlewoodThe passing of Ariel Sharon. With comment on the fawning eulogies of Western Establishment Figures (Especially UK PM David Cameron) to a man who, on any rational assessment of the evidence, was guilty of multiple war crimes.


  1. BBC as reported on Veterans Today Post by Kevin Barrett
  2. "War Criminals On TV"

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