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BornBilly Don Moyers
Hugo, Oklahoma
ReligionUnited Church of Christ
Children • William Cope Moyers
• Alice Suzanne Moyers
• John Davidson Moyers
SpouseJudith Suzanne Davidson-Moyers
Member ofBilderberg/Steering committee, Council on Foreign Relations/Historical Members
White House Press Secretary in the 1960s. Former CFR. In 1987 published The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, an early expose of the US deep state

Employment.png White House Press Secretary

In office
July 8, 1965 - January 1967

Bill Moyers was White House Press Secretary at the time of the JFK assassination. He attended 6 Bilderberg meetings between 1967 and 1973. In 1987 he produced a TV show entitled The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, an early expose of the US deep state.


Full article: JFK/Assassination/Cover-up

On 25 November 1963, US Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach sent a now declassified memo to Moyers, when he was White House Press Secretary. In it, Katzenbach expresses concern that "The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that the evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial" and that "speculation about Oswald's motivation ought to be cut off".


Bill Moyers was a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee and spoke at the 1968 Bilderberg[1] on the condition of the US administration, commenting that Lyndon Johnson although healthy was "obviously a weary man".[2]


In 1974 Moyers hired Charlie Rose as managing editor for the PBS series Bill Moyers' International Report. In 1975, Moyers named him executive producer of Bill Moyers Journal.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

Secret Government _ The Constitution In Crisis (FULL)

Moyers produced a TV show in 1987 called The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, which related to the deep state. In February 2014, he interviewed Mike Lofgren on the topic of the deep state, for, and as one blogger put it, "Moyers acts somewhat nonplused while discussing the topic of The Deep State while it is intrinsically related to a special he did in 1987 called The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis"[3]. This reporting is especially interesting in light of his own deep political connections - including. His involvement with the US government dates back to the JFK assassination.[3]

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Events Participated in

Bilderberg/196731 March 19672 April 1967St John's College (Cambridge)
Possibly the only Bilderberg meeting held in a university college rather than a hotel (St. John's College, Cambridge)
Bilderberg/196826 April 196828 April 1968Canada
Mont Tremblant
The 17th Bilderberg and the 2nd in Canada
Bilderberg/19699 May 196911 May 1969Denmark
Hotel Marienlyst
The 18th Bilderberg meeting, with 85 participants
Bilderberg/197017 April 197019 April 1970Switzerland
Hotel Quellenhof
Bad Ragaz
the 19th Bilderberg meeting, in Switzerland.
Bilderberg/197123 April 197125 April 1971US
Woodstock Inn
The 20th Bilderberg, 89 guests
Bilderberg/197311 May 197313 May 1973Sweden
The meeting at which the 1973 oil crisis appears to have been planned.


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