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The 1968 Bilderberg Report
Date26 April 1968 - 28 April 1968
LocationMont Tremblant,  Canada
ParticipantsBernhard von Biesterfeld, Ernst H. van der Beugel, Joseph E. Johnson, Arnold T. Lamping, Giovanni Agnelli, Jean V. Allard, Egon Bahr, George W. Ball, Wilfrid S. Baumgartner, Leonard Beaton, Michel Belanger, Bjarni Benediktsson, Frederic Bennett, Fritz Berg, Barend W. Biesheuvel, M. Nuri Birgi, Kurt Birrenbach, Alan R. Booth, Maurice Bridgeman, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Alastair Buchan, Louis Camu, Sir Paul Chambers, Emilio Collado, Arthur H. Dean, Frederick L. Deming, C. Douglas Dillon, William Dodge, Henry Ford II, Jacques de Fouchier, Thomas S. Gates Jr., Anthony Griffin, Henri Hartung, Gabriel Hauge, Henry J. Heinz II, Leif Høegh, John Holmes, Henry Jackson, Christian Karsten, J. Ward Keener, Pieter Kuin, Allen T. Lambert, Paul Lendvai, Richard Lowenthal, D. Björn H. Lundvall, Joseph Luns, Paul Martin Sr, Charles McC. Mathias, William F. McLean, Robert S. McNamara, Pierre Mendes-France, Karl Mommer, Bill Moyers, Robert D. Murphy, H. R. H. Prince Claus of the Netherlands, Stavros S. Niarchos, Alberto F. Nogueira, Johan A. Nykopp, Roberto Olivetti, Sir Duncan M. Oppenheim, Jacques Parizeau, Lester B. Pearson, Aurelio Peccei, James A. Perkins, Leopoldo Pirelli, J. Enoch Powell, Louis Rasminsky, Ronald S. Ritchie, David Rockefeller, Alberto Ronchey, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Claude Ryan, John T. Ryan, Herman W. Sandberg, Andrew A. Shonfield, Baron Snoy et d'Oppuers, Jacques E. Solvay, Svend O. Sorensen, Dieter Spethmann, Altiero Spinelli, Ugo Stille, Shepard Stone, Dick Taverne, Terkel M. Terkelsen, Albert A. Thornbrough, Otto G. Tidemand, Pierre E. Trudeau, Ilter Turkmen, Victor D. Umbricht, Raymond Vernon, Willem A. Visser 't Hooft, Otto Wolff von Amerongen
PerpetratorsBilderberg/Steering committee
Witnessed byBertie le Roy, Bernard C. Thillaye, Edwin Vernede
DescriptionThe 17th Bilderberg and the 2nd in Canada

The 1968 Bilderberg Meeting was the 17th such meeting and had participants from 15 European countries, the United States, Canada and "various international organisations".[1] It was held at the Lodge at Mont Tremblant, Canada. The 91 guests included 23 business executives, 24 politicians, 7 financiers, 11 editors/journalists and 6 academics. The next meeting was the 1969 Bilderberg.


The 1968 Bilderberg Agenda has been leaked and is now online.[1] James A. Perkins spoke on universities. Bill Moyers spoke on the condition of the US administration, commenting that Lyndon Johnson although healthy was "obviously a weary man".[2]

1. The Relations between the West and the Communist Countries

The background for discussion of this item of the Agenda consisted of a paper prepared by a German participant which was distributed before the meeting. The author of this paper began by noting that for more than a decade relations between the Western powers and the Soviet bloc had been characterized by the development oflimited but important elements of co-operation along with the persistence of overriding conflict.[1]

In appraising the shortcomings and imperfections of the Atlantic Alliance, considerable attention was paid to the unsatisfactory state of public opinion vis-a-vis NATO.[1]

2. Internationalization of Business

The groundwork for discussion of this item consisted of three papers prepared by an American and two French participants. These papers had been distributed among participants some weeks before the meeting.[1] One of the speakers was Dr. Henri Hartung, whose paper on The Internationalization of Business: The Social Aspect has been posted online.



Gianni AgnelliItalian industrialist, 37 Bilderbergs
Jean AllardSenior Canadian soldier. Bilderberg 1968
Otto Wolff von AmerongenBilderberg Advisory Committee member, deep politician
Egon BahrQuad Bilderberger German SPD politician
George BallUS deep politician who attended all 40 Bilderberg meetings up to his death, he helped make key decisions about post-WW2 Europe.
Wilfrid BaumgartnerGovernor of the Bank of France, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Leonard BeatonDied aged 41, 3 years afer attended the 1969 Bilderberg. His book, The Reform of Power appeared posthumously in 1972.
Michel BelangerCanadian businessman and banker. Trilateral, 1968 and 1989 Bilderbergs
Bjarni BenediktssonPrime Minister of Iceland for most of the 1960s. Died in 1970 from a fire soon after his 4th Bilderberg
Frederic BennettParliamentary Private Secretary to Reginald Maudling, Privy Counsellor, Bilderberg Steering committee
Fritz Berg13 Bilderbergs, Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie President for 23 years
Ernst van der Beugel34 Bilderberg meetings, on both the Advisory Committee & Steering committees
Barend Biesheuvel1968 Bilderberg. Dutch PM 1971-73
Bernhard von BiesterfeldNazi arms dealer
Nuri Birgi23 Bilderbergs, Turkish Permanent Representative to NATO
Kurt Birrenbach7 Bilderbergs, West German politician
Alan Booth
Maurice Bridgeman
Zbigniew BrzezinskiUS Deep politician, Cercle, Bilderberg, ...
Alastair BuchanSon of a spook, propagandist and UK deep state operative. Commandant of the Imperial Defence College, four Bilderbergs
Louis CamuBelgian banker and multi-Bilderberger.
Paul Chambers
Emilio ColladoBig oil, Bilderberg Steering committee.
Arthur DeanChairman and senior partner of Sullivan & Cromwell, where he worked closely with John Foster Dulles
Frederick DemingUS central banker.
Douglas Dillon
William Dodge
Jacques de Fouchier
Pierre Mendès France
Thomas Gates
Anthony GriffinWorked for S.G. Warburg. A member of the Bilderberg Advisory Committee for 32 years.
H. R. H. Prince Claus of the Netherlands
Henri Hartung
Gabriel HaugeFormer Bilderberg Steering committee
Willem A. Visser 't HooftDutch theologian who became the first secretary general of the World Council of Churches. Single Bilderberger
Leif HöeghBilderberg Steering committee, as was his son
H. John Heinz II34 Bilderberg meetings, Bilderberg Steering & Advisory Committees
Henry Ford IIGrandson of Henry Ford. Ford CEO after WW2. Hotchkiss School, Yale University, Book And Snake.
Henry M. JacksonSuspected deep state operative who attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1960s and spoke at the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism on "Terrorism as a Weapon in International Politics".
John HolmesCanadian diplomat and academic. Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations in early 1950. Attended two Bilderbergs in the 1960s
Joseph JohnsonInaugural US secretary of the annual Bilderberg, Bilderberg Steering committee member.
C. Frits KarstenBanker, Honorary Treasurer of the Bilderberg and a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
J. Ward Keener
Pieter Kuin
Allen Lambert50 year long banking career
Arnold LampingDeputy secretary general in Europe of the Bilderberg. All Bilderberg meetings from 1960 - 1968.
Paul LendvaiAustrian Triple Bilderberger academic
Björn LundvallBilderberg Steering committee
Joseph LunsEx Secretary General of NATO, Regular Bilderberger
Richard LöwenthalGerman Bilderberger journalist
... further results



Bernard ThillayeTri Bilderberg Canadian mariner
Edwin VernedeLittle known Dutchman who was in attendance at all Bilderberg meetings from 1965 to 1974