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5G is a marketing term for a variety of new mobile phone technologies that use very high frequency (GHz) parts of the radiospectrum to allow increased speed of data transfer. It has prompted unprecedented calls for a review of health effects[1] and has widely been criticised for breaching the precautionary principle.[2][3]


In September 2018 the Federal Communications Commission restricted cities' ability to regulate 5G infrastructure. Their decision was criticised by the US Conference of Mayors, whose CEO stated that “The [FCC] has embarked on an unprecedented federal intrusion into local (and state) government property rights that will have substantial and continuing adverse impacts on cities and their taxpayers.”[4]

A demonstration of 5G was launched in Wuhan in late 2019.[5]


As well as a high speed communication system, 5G may have health impacts. It could potentially be used to target particular individuals for damaging radiation and may be implicated in sudden deaths of dissidents[citation needed].[6]


Dr. Martin Pall To The NIH: "The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane." - The The EMF Guy YT channel

Hundreds of scientists have registered their concerns about the health impacts of 5G technology, observing that "Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plants and animals."[7] It is suspected to exert an "oxidative" stress on cells, to which some people are particularly susceptible.[8] The Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS), the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, recommended circumspection (Umsicht) in deployment of 5G, and called for further research.[9]


A study that was published at the National Center for Biotechnology Information found indications that in places with higher exposure to wireless radiation (ambient radiofrequency radiation), including 5G, the radiation has possibly "contributed to adverse health outcomes of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 and increased the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic".[10][11]

Legal concerns

Asked to investigate the legal status of a 5G deployment in Denmark, Christian Jensen of Bonner Advocater produced a 64 page report which concluded as follows:

“It is the conclusion of this legal opinion that establishing and activating a 5G-network, as it is currently described, would be in contravention of current human and environmental laws enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, EU regulations, and the Bern- and Bonn-conventions. The reason is the very significant body of scientific documentation available, showing that radio frequent electromagnetic radiation is harmful and dangerous to the health of humans (particularly children), animals and plants.”
Christian Jensen (April 2019)  [12]

Wireless wake-up call - Jeromy Johnson - TEDx Berkeley

Security concerns

In 2019, the French parliament passed what was dubbed the “Huawei Law”, to give the government the legal right to security vet 5G rollouts in the country.[13]

Electronic interference

By January 2022, some international airlines have cancelled flights to select US cities, citing the 5G C Band interference risk to their aircraft during landing approach.[14][15][16]

Performance concerns

A May 2019 report in Semiconductor Engineering claimed that "5G Heats Up Base Stations", threatening reliability and signal integrity when in heavy use.[17]


Various local governments have moved to block the local rollout of 5G, generally citing health concerns.[18]


A pilot project to try 5G deployment in Brussels was suspended in April 2019 due to concern that it would contravene radiospectrum emission laws[19] and might be injurious to health.[20] The Environment Minister for the region, Céline Fremault stated that “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit.”[21]


In March 2019, Florence became the first Italian city to halt 5G deployment, also due to the precautionary principle.[22][23] A district of Rome has also voted against 5G.[24]

"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" - Dr Devra Davis - The University of Melbourne


In March 2019, Utrecht City Council decided unanimously to postpone decision-making on 4G and 5G infrastructure on new lamp posts until the risks to health and privacy were better understood.[25]


Switzerland's third mot populous canton, Vaud, imposed a temporary moratorium on 5G antennas until it received the report about them from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.[26]

The canton government of Geneva declared a preliminary moratorium on the 5G rollout there due to concern about health risks.[27]

Thousands of people protested in Bern in September 2019 against the rollout of 5G.[28]


In October 2019, a UK town council voted to block 5G deployment.[29]


In 2018, a Californian town council voted unanimously to suspend local 5G deployment.[30]

Media coverage

In December 2021, an article in BBC News alleged that "Anti-5G necklaces" had been found to be radioactive, according to the Dutch government regulator.[31]


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