European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation

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Group.png European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation  
European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation logo.jpg
Formation7 October 2008
FounderMoshe Kantor
HeadquartersBrussels, Belgium
Membership• Tony Blair
• José María Aznar
• Erhard Busek
• George Vassiliou
• Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga
• Rita Süssmuth
• Igor Ivanov
• Milan Kučan
• Alfred Moisiu
• Göran Persson
• Vilma Trajkovska
• Talât Sait Halman
• Sebastian Kurz
• Bernard-Henri Lévy
• John Gray
• Antony Beevor
• Timothy Snyder
• Alexander Dynkin
• Vaclav Havel
NGO dedicated to "stamping out intolerance," which seems to be identified with criticism of Israel. Tony Blair is chairman...

The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR) is a non-governmental organization that was established in Paris, France on 7 October 2008 to "stamp out intolerance," and in effect intends to ban criticism of Israel.

The Chairman of the council is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair[1] (until 2013 - former President of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski), and the President of the council is the Russian-born billionaire Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, who is also President of the European Jewish Congress. Sebastian Kurz, former chancellor of Austria joined the ECTR according to his twitter account Jan.9th,2022, and will be Co-Chairman.

On 7 April 2022 ECTR announced its decision to put all activities on hold until further notice, a consequence of the decision by the British government on April 6, 2022, to sanction ECTR President Moshe Kantor. , [2]

Official narrative

This international organisation focuses on monitoring tolerance in Europe and preparing practical recommendations to foster understanding between peoples of various ethnic origin, educate on techniques of reconciliation, facilitate post-conflict social apprehensions, monitor chauvinistic behaviours and propose pro-tolerance initiatives and legal solutions. The ECTR consists of distinguished representatives of the civic society in Europe and beyond.[3]


To make a legally binding censorship model across Europe, the ECTR designed a Model Law.

The Model National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance intends to regulate the legal relationship in the sphere of tolerance. The Model Statute is designed for adoption by the respective national legislatures of European states, in order to confirm and clarify their adherence to the principle of tolerance.

The purpose of the Model Statute "is to fill a vacuum: although all European States are committed to the principle of tolerance, nowhere is this principle defined in binding legal terms. The principal challenge in preparing the Model Statute was to go beyond rhetoric and generalities, spelling out concrete and enforceable obligations that ensure tolerance and stamp out intolerance."

Moshe Kantor wrote of his intentions with the law that "On the far left, many hold a paramount hatred against the Jewish collectivity and substitute the term Jews for Zionists, meaning that the Jews do not constitute a people deserving of national sovereignty and self-determination in their ancestral and indigenous homeland."[4]

Grandly stating[5] that the law supports "Freedom of expression, including freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas - regardless of frontiers – either orally, in writing or in print, and through any broadcasting or electronic media (including the Internet)", it negates this in the details of the law, for example in paragraphs such as:

  • Tolerance must not be used as a means for the condoning terrorism or as a cover for those seeking to subvert domestic or international peace nand security
  • There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant. This is especially important as far as freedom of expression is concerned: that freedom must not be abused to defame other groups
  • Establish a National Tolerance Monitoring Commission as an independent body – composed of eminent persons from outside the civil service – vested with the authority to promote tolerance.
  • The Government shall ensure that public broadcasting (television and radio) stations will devote a prescribed percentage of their programmes to promoting a climate of tolerance, as per Section 8(f).


Known Participants

9 of the 19 of the participants already have pages here:

José María AznarPrime Minister of Spain 1996-2004, "If Israel goes down, we all go down", various deep state connections
Tony BlairRemarkably popular at the time, Tony Blair was a UK prime minister, now infamous for lying the UK into invading Iraq, notwithstanding massive opposition. He is currently sought for War crimes by many people.
Erhard BusekAttended the 1981 Bilderberg as chairman of the Vienna’s People’s Party. Later Vice-Chancellor of Austria for 4 years. Chairman of European Forum Alpbach.
Talât Sait HalmanTurkish intellectual with close ties to the United States
Igor S. IvanovDecidedly pro-Western former Russian Foreign Minister
Sebastian KurzAustria's youngest-ever Chancellor and World Economic Forum favourite. Was revealed in 2021 to be running a deep state faction named "Die Familie" or The Family skilled in all facets of power grabs.
Bernard-Henri LévyA French 'philosopher' who has created an intellectual alibi for every US/NATO intervention since the 1980s. Lévy is also a militant supporter and apologist for Zionism and the Israeli state.
Timothy SnyderCFR, widely published historian who attended the Bilderberg for the first time in 2019.
Vaira Vīķe-FreibergaStudied psychology at McGill University at the same time as MK-ULTRA research happened there. Parachuted in to become President of Latvia