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Typenation state
Member ofAfrican Union, La Francophonie, Organisation of African Unity, UN
Very small African nation, formerly part of the Belgian Empire. Their president died under mysterious circumstances during COVID.

Burundi is a nation state in central Africa.


Independence from Belgium in 1962.


  • Kirundi (national and official)
  • French (official)
  • English (official)

Pierre Nkurunziza

Full article: Pierre Nkurunziza

Pierre Nkurunziza was president of Burundi, and told the WHO that their assistance would not be needed in dealing with COVID-19. Nkurunziza then died suddenly, reported of a heart attack.[1] His successor invited the WHO back in to the country.


Citizens of Burundi on Wikispooks

Pierre Buyoya24 November 194917 December 2020Former Burundian president who died allegedly of COVID-19 after rejecting the official narrative about the disease
Pierre Nkurunziza18 December 19648 June 2020The longest-ruling President of Burundi. Died suddenly in 2020 after expelling the WHO team and refusing to impose restrictions as a response to COVID-19.
Louis Rwagasore10 January 193213 October 1961"the Burundian Lumumba", assassinated by the Belgians.
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