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Group.png Clingendael Institute  
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HeadquartersThe Hague, Netherlands
LeaderClingendael Institute/Director
Founder ofThe Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
SubpageClingendael Institute/Director
Membership• Adája Stoetman
• Adriaan Nunes
• Adriaan Schout
• Alessandra Ricci Ascoli
• Alexander van Rosenbach
• Amanda Klemann
• Anna Schmauder
• Anne van Mulligen
• Annelieke van de Wiel
• Antoinette van den Berg
• Arie Drosten
• Bart van den Berg
• Bram Peeters
• Brigitte Dekker
• Carla Veltkamp
• Christiaan Nelisse
• Christopher Houtkamp
• Danny Pronk
• Dick Zandee
• Dorien van Dam
• Els Duchateau-Polkerman
• Erwin van Veen
• Evelien Borgman
• Frans-Paul van der Putten
• Engin Yüksel
• Erwin van Veen
• Eugène van Kemenade
• Evelien Borgman
• Feike Fliervoet
• Frans-Paul van der Putten
• Fransje Molenaar
• Gabriëlla Vogelaar
• Garrie van Pinxteren
• Goos Hofstee
• Hans Wurzer
• Harriët Garvelink-van Splunder
• Hedwich van der Bij
• Henriëtte den Ouden
• Hugo Klijn
• Igal Reznik
• Ine Cottyn
• Inge Kaars Sijpesteijn
• Ingrid d'Hooghe
• Jalel Harchaoui
• Jan Marinus Wiersma
• Jan Melissen
• Jan Rood
• Jan-Willem Pot
• Jeremy Dommnich
• Joke Hahn
• Jonathan Tossell
• Jorrit Kamminga
• Jos Meester
• Judith van den Boogert
• Julie Coleman
• Kars de Bruijne
• Kees Elenbaas
• Kimberley Kruijver
• Ko Colijn
• Laurens Bistervels
• Leela Koenig
• Lennart Landman
• Liesbeth van der Heide
• Lodewijk (Lo) Casteleijn
• Loïc Bisson
• Louise van Schaik
• Maaike Aans
• Maaike Okano-Heijmans
• Maarten Smeets
• Malik Ellahi
• Mara van der Meer
• Marianne Ducasse-Rogier
• Mariska Uijldert
• Mariska van Beijnum
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• Nienke van Heukelingen
• Nils de Mooij
• Noura Harrath
• Nura Jaafar
• Paul Hendrix
• Paul Hofhuis
• Peter Haasbroek
• Peter Knoope
• Peter van Ham
• Reinier Bergema
• Rem Korteweg
• Remco van de Pas
• Rena Netjes
• René Cuperus
• Renske van der Veer
• Renze Terpstra
• Rida Lyammouri
• Stella Ronner-Grubačić
• Samuel Rozemond
• Ron Ton
• Ruud van der Velden
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• Sanne van der Lugt
• Sarah Wolff
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• Stephan Slingerland
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• Thera Kosian
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• Tobias von Lossow
• Tom Middendorp
• Tony van der Togt
• Tymon Kiepe
• Valerie Rosoux
• Wilbur Perlot
• Willem Post
• Wouter Zweers
Dutch "independent think tank and academy on international affairs" which continued collaboration with the Institute for Statecraft after the Integrity Initiative leaks

The Clingendael Institute was founded in 1983, partly funded by the Dutch Ministry of Defence. The institute itself does not publish data on its funding, but the Europa Nu website states that it is mainly funded by revenues from activities and grants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense.[1]

Own words

The Clingendael Academy website reported in 2020 that it "is one of the largest independent diplomatic training centers around the world. Every year, around 2,500 international professionals from over 60 countries participate in courses at the Clingendael Institute."[2] It calls itself "an independent think tank and academy on international affairs which aims to contribute to a secure, sustainable and just world".[3]


Clingendael was revealed in the 1990s and 2000s to have worked with the MIVD and Operation Gladio-coordinator Max van der Stoel in the 1980s.[4].

In 2011, the institute co-founded the think-tank The Hague Institute for Global Justice, a partnership of academic institutions to promote peace, appointing warmonger Madeleine Albright as chair of its Advisory Council. The institute also focused on building "security and rule of law" in developing countries, and was presumably thereby a vehicle to covertly aid regime change operations. The institute closed its doors 2018, after becoming insolvent.

The group is listed as a "national think tank" alongside SWB and IFRI by a leaked Integrity Initiative document.[5] In March 2019, the group hosted a Chatham House rule meeting on Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defence, in partnership with the IfS.

Reinier Bergema, a Research Fellow and Project Manager at Clingendael[6] from 2019, previously has published for the British/Dutch disinformation site Bellingcat[7].

See Also

HCSS - An prolific think tank set-up by Clingendael with Rand Europe, the UN, the Dutch MOD and others.


A Quote by Clingendael Institute

The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies“In the last strategic monitor of Clingendael and HCSS it's concluded that we're living in an Interregnum where one power is about to be replaced by another.”4 December 2019Atlantic Commission


Related Quotation

AIVD“Everyone spies”AIVD2020



Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defenceChatham House rule meeting with organised by the Institute for Statecraft and the Clingendael Institute.


Event Planned

Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defenceThe Hague
Clingendael Institute
Chatham House rule meeting with organised by the Institute for Statecraft and the Clingendael Institute.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Sigrid Kaag2 November 1961NetherlandsDiplomat
Dutch diplomat and politician. Although an outspoken feminist, Kaag vocally opposed a public trial regarding dozen of reports of sexual abuse within her own party. A successful and career-diplomat, named by Geert Wilders as the "namesake of a runway at Schiphol Airport", she has attended two Bilderberg meetings.
Katharine KlačanskýCzech RepublicResearcher
A member of the HCSS who unknowingly revealed some members and their link to the summer conference where the Dutch Cluster of the IfS was started.
Kajsa Ollongren28 May 1967Sweden
PoliticianSingle Bilderberg Dutch politician
Stella Ronner-GrubačićNetherlandsDiplomat
Deep state operative
Dutch diplomat seen dining with a businessman convicted of money laundering.