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(spook, whistleblower, 9-11/Dissident)
David Shayler 2016.jpg
David Shayler pictured in 2016[1]
Exposed1994 London Israeli Embassy attack
An MI5 agent turned 'whistleblower' who didn't reveal very much but has since associated himself with some of the most dubious end of those questioning the official narrative. Some believe he is still working for MI5.

David Shayler left MI5 as a 'whistleblower' together with fellow MI5 officer, Annie Machon. They took some documents with them and were on the run in France. Later Shayler was arrested and charged under the Official Secrets Act 1989, sentenced to six months - and was released after only two.[2] Kurt Nimmo wrote that "he emerged from high-security Belmarsh Prison broken and delusional."[3]

Shayler later aligned himself with the truth movements about the events of 9-11 and 7-7. As Tom Secker has noted, each time he espoused implausible viewpoints ("No planes") and allied with researchers of questionable integrity. He later claimed to be the messiah and wore women's clothes in public. Secker suggests he is still working for MI5, to discredit the truth movements.[4]


A 2016 interview with MI5 whistleblower David Shayler

David Shayler was not a standard MI5 recruit - he was from a different social class. He worked in various capacities in a hands-off, report writing capacity.


David Shayler and Annie Machon left MI5 and took some documents with them.

1994 London Israeli Embassy attack

David Shayler and Annie Machon stated that several people in MI5 regarded the 1994 London Israeli Embassy attack as a false flag, done to reduce sympathy for the Palestinian cause.[citation needed]

MI6 Plot to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi

David Shayler reported that that MI6 had funded a group which attempted an assassination of Muammar Gaddafi,[5] as if in revenge for the Lockerbie bombing, which he says was orchestrated by Libya (he claims that justice was served - that Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi was responsible).[6]

British intelligence agency’s surveillance of socialists

Former partner of fellow MI5 officer Annie Machon, Shayler was prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act after passing documents to the Mail on Sunday newspaper in August, 1997 that alleged that MI5 was paranoid about socialists and that it had previously investigated Labour Party ministers Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw and Harriet Harman.

Bogus "War on Terror"

In a Sky News interview recorded on 5 December 2006, David Shayler concluded that "the best way to bring the bogus War on Terror to an end is to expose 9/11 for the lie that it is."[7] Earlier in 2006, Shayler and Professor David Ray Griffin were interviewed by Gloria Hunniford and Ed Stourton about their 9/11 "conspiracy theories". In the studio discussion were Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens and Dean of Coventry, John Irvine.[8]

End times

In a lengthy "Outside the Box" interview with Jason Liosatus on 13 January 2017, David Shayler discussed ethics, truth, awakening, finding peace, Government corruption, Zionism, ISIS, anti-Semitism, Hitler, 9/11, Brexit, Trump and his new book 'Law'. He blamed Zionism for the world's ills stating:

"End times began with the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11, which initiated three 7-year periods. We are now in the final period."[9]

Personal Life

David Shayler broke up with his partner Annie Machon after she was disturbed by his psychedelic drug use. He has announced to the world that he was Jesus and become a transvestite.[10]

Later activities

He has been interviewed for films on a range of topics including 9-11 (in which he made the bizarre suggestion that no planes were involved). He spoke on the BBC as a critic of the government's official narrative about 7-7 (stating that he believes the event was a false flag).[11] Shayler has continued to appear at squats, protests and demonstrations.


7-7 researcher Tom Secker has speculated that he was recruited in order to be later cut loose for the purpose of discrediting opposition. Secker's explanation includes the very light sentence Shayler served, the bizarre nature of his opinions on 9-11, 7-7 and the Lockerbie bombing and his strange attention seeking behaviour such as his "Jesus" announcement.


David Shayler has written two books, both published in 2017:[12]

  • "Law: the truth about its source, principles and primacy and how it can be used to save the world", published 3 January 2017, in which Shayler brings to bear his experiences in journalism, intelligence and the legal system to add light to his research from constitutions, law books and case law.
  • "The Organisation: Part of the Book of the Law", published 22 June 2017, an off-the-wall thriller which Shayler describes as a 'comedy noir' set in the world of the post-Cold War 1990s with its shifting attitudes towards sexuality and gender.

Shayler has previously ghost written books like "Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers", an account of his time in the services and on the other side of the powers-that-be, and "The Truth Manifesto". Over the years, his articles have been published in just about every national newspaper and he has had several documentaries either made about him or featuring him, including National Geographic's ""The Second Coming". He has also contributed to and written a number of documentaries, including "Mind the Gap" and "9/11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy".

After going through a spiritual awakening, he now lives the peripatetic life of the Wandering Teacher inspiring others to reject legislation in favour of the Law.[13]


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