Deep Black Lies

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Articles and ebooks by David Guyatt

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Started: 2000
Founder: David Guyatt

Founder/Owner: David Guyatt


Documents sourced from Deep Black Lies

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Circle of PowerarticleLe Cercle1999David Guyatt
Document:Gangsters ParadisearticleGangsterism In Russia
Vorovsky mir
David Guyatt
Document:Group 13articleAssassination
Group 13
1999David GuyattDoes the British Government have a deniable assassination squad? An exploration of evidence that it does.
Document:Holy Smoke and MirrorsarticleDeep politics
CIA/Drug trafficking
Al Carone
The Cabal/History
2000David GuyattA wide ranging overview into the history of the modern supranational deep state, with an emphasis on overall connections and interactions of groups and people, rather than on particular events and dates.
Document:In Defence of the IndefensiblearticleArms-to-Iraq
Allivane International
Scott Report
1997David GuyattA critique of the Scott Report on the illegal export of military equipment to Iraq through the 1980's
Document:Lockerbie - The Syrian ConnectionarticlePan Am Flight 103
Lester Coleman
Juval Aviv
Charles Dennis McKee
1997David Guyatt
Document:Masters of PersuasionarticleCIA
Mind control
Phoenix Program
Franklin child prostitution ring
Jim Jones
2005David Guyatt
Document:Operation Black DogarticleGulf War
Biological weapon
2000David GuyattThe story of a US covert, airborne biological weapons attack on Iraq during the first US-Iraq war of 1990
Document:Operation GladioarticleOperation Gladio1999David GuyattHow European extreme left-wing organisations were manipulated and set up as patsies for indiscriminate acts of terrorism aimed at discrediting the Left and preventing the accession of Left-leaning and communist to government.
Document:Princes of PlunderarticleRed House meeting
WW2/Operation Market Garden
1999David GuyattWhy, but for a suppressed act of treachery motivated by the safeguarding of vast wealth, the capture of the Arnhem bridge during the Allies' Operation 'Market Garden' might not have been 'A Bridge Too Far'
Document:Terminal VelocityarticleYvonne Fletcher1997David GuyattPresents evidence that the shots which killed PC Yvonne Fletcher were not fired from the first floor of the Libyan embassy and that other aspects of the official narrative are anomalous. It refers to the work of Joe Vialls.
Document:The OctopusarticleCIA
The Enterprise
Danny Casolaro
Lucien Conein
US/Deep state
Crime syndicate
1999David GuyattAn introduction to the involvement of senior US politicians, bureaucrats and the CIA in globalised criminal activities, the investigation of which cost investigative reported Danny Casolaro his life
Document:The Spoils of WararticleBlack Eagle Trust
Yamashita's gold
2002David GuyattAn introduction to the murky subject of the gold plundered by the NAZI and Japanese militaries during World War II and what happened to it.

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