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FormationJuly 1993
FounderMichael Spicer
LeaderEuropean Research Group/Chair
SubpageEuropean Research Group/Chair
Focus is the single issue of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

The European Research Group is a research support group for the United Kingdom's Members of Parliament who choose to join. It is an Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority-funded pooled service within the formal IPSA Scheme of MPs' Business Costs and Expenses. Serving an annual average of 21 MPs[1] including cabinet members, the group's focus is the single issue of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. In January 2018 Jacob Rees-Mogg was elected as the group's chairman, taking over from Suella Braverman.[2]



The ERG has drawn criticism for its lack of transparency regarding its use of public funds to carry out research. After a report by openDemocracy found that more than a quarter of a million pounds had been claimed through MPs' official expenses since 2010, a call was made by Labour Party MPs for an inquiry to be carried out by the IPSA into the group's practices.[3][4] OpenDemocracy's September 2017 report commenced:

Taxpayers’ money is being used to fund an influential group of hard-line pro-Brexit Conservative MPs who are increasingly operating as a “party-within-a-party”.

In response to the request, the IPSA found no breach of rules regarding expenses.[5] In addition to public funding for the service the group also receives donations. Robert Broadhurst, a Senior Researcher for the European Research Group records his employment with ERG, sponsored by David Nuttall MP, as having been 'funded by Members' subscriptions paid for from their parliamentary allowances; a donation from GR Software & Research Limited; and a donation from Norman Lamont'. GR Software & Research Limited has now been dissolved; its parent company, Pans (UK) Holdings Limited, is registered in the British Virgin Islands. Companies House lists Andrea Leadsom's husband, Benjamin Leadsom, as a former director of GR Software & Research Limited, along with her brother-in-law, Peter de Putron.


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