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(politician, deep politician)
BornNorman Stewart Hughson Lamont
Shetland, United Kingdom
Alma materFitzwilliam College, Cambridge
ChildrenHilaire Sophie
SpouseRosemary White
Member ofBenador Associates, Bruges Group, Le Cercle, Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George
Interests“War on Terror”
Long time Chairman of Le Cercle, financier, politician and deep politician, involved in arms and financial deals.

Employment.png Chairman of Le Cercle

In office
1996 - 2008
Preceded byJonathan Aitken
Succeeded byMichael Ancram
He quit between 13 October 2008 and 3 April 2013.

Employment.png Chancellor of the Exchequer Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
28 November 1990 - 27 May 1993
Preceded byJohn Major
Succeeded byKenneth Clarke
Lamont was involved in Black Wednesday, which transferred billions of pounds from UK taxpayers to financial traders (most notably George Soros).

Employment.png Chief Secretary to the Treasury Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
24 July 1989 - 28 November 1990
Preceded byJohn Major
Succeeded byDavid Mellor

Employment.png UK/Financial Secretary to the Treasury Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
21 May 1986 - 24 July 1989
Succeeded byPeter Lilley

Employment.png Minister for Defence Procurement

In office
2 September 1985 - 21 May 1986
Succeeded byDavid Trefgarne
The Al-Yamamah weapons deal was signed a few weeks after Lamont got this job.

Employment.png Minister of State for Trade and Industry

In office
13 June 1983 - 2 September 1985

Employment.png Member of the House of Lords Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
24 July 1998 - Present

Baron Norman Lamont of Lerwick, as he was made in 1998[1] is a deep politician who held a series of key political appointments at crucial times:- he became UK Minister for Defence Procurement just in time to sign the Al-Yamamah arms deal‎ and he was Chancellor of the Exchequer when Black Wednesday transferred around £3,000,000,000 from UK taxpayers to currency traders. He was European chair of Le Cercle.


Before entering Parliament he worked for N M Rothschild & Sons, the investment bank, and became director of Rothschild Asset Management.[2]

Le Cercle

Full article: Rated 5/5 Le Cercle

Lamont's profile at Benador Associates noted in 2010 that "Since 1996 Lamont has been Chairman of Le Cercle, a foreign policy Club founded by German Chancellor Adenauer after the War with members from over twenty-five countries. This group, which meets bi-annually in Washington DC, includes many senior intelligence experts and has a particular interest in the War against Terrorism".[3]

His involvement with Le Cercle is covered in detail by The Institute for the Study of Globalisation and Covert Politics in a comprehensive study: Le Cercle and the struggle for the European continent which it subtitles a "Private bridge between Vatican-Paneuropean and Anglo-American intelligence". The study includes membership list back to its original foundation and names as "important members" Lord Julian Amery, his protege Jonathan Aitken and Lord Norman Lamont (all three members of the Privy Council).

The Evening Standard reported in 2003 that Lamont was attending a Le Cercle gathering in Salzburg.[4]

Al Yamanah weapons deal

Lamont was made Minister for Defence Procurement under Margaret Thatcher just before the signing of the first tranche of the Al-Yamamah arms deal‎ disbursed millions of pounds of commissions to various parties.

Black Wednesday

Full article: Black Wednesday

On 16 September 1992, a.k.a. 'Black Wednesday', Lamont as Chancellor of the Exchequer sold around £27 billion of sterling reserves before leaving the Exchange Rate Mechanism. The resultant loss to the UK Treasury was estimated at around £3.3 billion[5] This is generally understood as an accidental loss to the UK taxpayer, but may have been a financial fraud organised at Le Cercle.[6]

Euro Double think

It is interesting that while chairing the strongly pro-European Le Cercle, Lamont was co-chair of the anti-European Bruges Group.[7]

Other Affiliations



Events Participated in

Bilderberg/19958 June 199511 June 1995Greece
Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel
The 43rd Bilderberg. Held at the Burgenstock Hotel in Burgenstock, Switzerland.
Black Wednesday16 September 199216 September 1992The swift transfer of over 3 billion pounds to financial speculators from UK taxpayers.
Le Cercle/2004 (Belgrade)17 June 200419 June 2004Serbia
Royal Palace
"A dinner held in Belgrade on 18 June 2004, "in honor of the “Le Cercle” conference taking place in Belgrade from 17th to 19th June."
Le Cercle/2005 (Paris)16 June 200519 June 2005France
Exposed 2 days later by the Saudi Embassy in London
Le Cercle/2019 (Bahrain)26 June 201929 June 2019Bahrain
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