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"“Conspiracy theorist”"
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(Author, Researcher, Historian, Statecraft/Analyst)
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Detroit, Michigan
Alma materUniversity of Michigan
SpousePatricia Irving Griffin
Interests • Federal Reserve
• Central banks
• Cancer
• Money creation
• Yuri Bezmenov
• Geoengineering
• Chemtrails
Exposed banking cartels and "The Rothschild formula"

G. Edward Griffin is an American filmmaker and author of 48 books, among them the well known: The Creature from Jekyll Island. He is a very early researcher into deep politics, he mostly takes the stand that there is a takeover of the United States by bankers and oligarchs with a long term plan to create a one world government in the form of cartels (TNCs) and puppet regimes.

"The Rothschild formula"

He authored A Reality Course on Money[1] in which he argues that financial power dominates over political power since the invention of private central banks and fractional reserve banking by financing both sides of hostile conflicts, which might even be created for this purpose. He cites several historical examples to illustrate this thesis.

"How the Banker Run Foundations are Shaping the World - Norman Dodd Reece" - G. Edward Griffin interviews Norman Dodd, the congressional Director of Research for the Reece Committee, 1953-1954.[2]

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