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Controllers of currency creation, and therefore the seigniorage profits from the interest system.

Central banks control currency creation, though the large majority of money is created by commercial banks. Ultimately however, they control the seigniorage profits from the interest system.


The world's oldest central bank is Sveriges Riksbank. The next oldest is the Bank of England.


Some central banks are privately owned (such as the US Federal Reserve) but the majority are at least officially under government control. Many leaders of central banks in Western European and North American countries have attended the Bilderberg, including all the Presidents of the European Central Bank and Presidents of the European Monetary Institute.

Cash shipments

After Western Global Airlines N545JN was discovered to be carrying 67 tonnes of freshly printed South African currency, and a dead body, the South African Reserve Bank suggested that such cash shipments are routine: “The bulk of the annual production of banknotes is done locally in South Africa and a small percentage is done offshore as part of the contingency plans of the SARB. The aircraft currently detained at Harare Airport is carrying a consignment of South African banknotes that was produced overseas as part of the SARB's annual production plan.”[citation needed]

Digital currencies

Full article: Central bank/Digital currency

After the success of Bitcoin in capturing investors attention and money in the 2010s, central bankers devised plans to implement digital currencies of their own. The imposition of these systems appears to be one goal of the Great Reset project.



Page nameFoundedLocationDescription
BIS17 May 1930The central bankers' central bank - nothing to see here.
Banco de Portugal19 November 1846Portugal
The national bank of Portugal, swallowed by the Euro-system since 1998.
Bank IndonesiaIndonesia
Bank of CanadaCanada
Bank of England1694London
Threadneedle Street
Bank of Finland1 March 1812Helsinki
Bank of France18 January 1800France
French central bank
Bank of Israel
Bank of ItalyItaly
Palazzo Koch
Bank of LatviaLatvia
Latvia's Central Bank. Has dominated economic policy since Latvia's independence in 1991.
Bank of MexicoMexico
Mexico City
Bank of SpainMadrid
Central Bank of Brazil31 December 1964Brazil
Brazil's central bank.
Central Bank of Honduras1 July 1950Honduras
The Central Bank of Honduras was established on 1 July 1950
Central Bank of IcelandIceland
The central bank of Iceland
Central Bank of Ireland1 February 1943Dublin
North Wall Quay
Central Bank of Russia25 December 1990Russia
12 Neglinnaya str.
Danmarks Nationalbank1 August 1818Copenhagen
Havnegade 5
The national bank of Denmark
De Nederlandsche Bank25 March 1814Netherlands
The Dutch central bank.
Deutsche Bundesbank1957Germany
European Central BankGermany
National Bank of Belgium5 May 1850Brussels
National Bank of PolandWarsaw
National Bank of Romania1880Bucharest
Norges Bank14 June 1816Norway
Oesterreichische Nationalbank1 June 1816Austria
Austrian central bank
People's Bank of China12 January 1948BeijingChina's central bank.
Reserve Bank of AustraliaAustralia
New South Wales
Reserve Bank of IndiaIndia
Saudi Arabian Monetary AuthoritySaudi Arabia
South African Reserve Bank1921South Africa
The privately owned central bank of South Africa
Sveriges RiksbankSweden
Switzerland/National BankZurich
Turkey/Central BankTurkey
US/Federal Reserve23 December 1913United States
Washington DC
Eccles Building
The privately held cartel which profits from the US$ monopoly. It was set up by The Money Trust on December 23, 1913 after the failure of earlier privatisations by stealth of the US money supply. The petrodollar allowed this system to reap profits globally during much of the 20th century.


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2021Wall Street and Central banks are trying to take ownership of nature and the global commons why we are being pushed into a virtual world, the "metaverse." These aren't isolated events, put the pieces together. "You'll own nothing and be happy" is the beginning, not the end.”Whitney WebbDecember 2021
Edward Mandell Housethe President is to perpetuate the slavery of Americans. By design we have been kept bankrupt and insolvent by an ancient, evil system of pledging. Central Banksters have been profiting at our expense for over 70 years.”Edward Mandell House


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