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Bilderberg 1954 chair.gif
Prince Bernhard chairs the inaugural 1954 Bilderberg meeting.
[[Description::1954 saw the first Bilderberg meeting. Later that year, international treaties made West Germany an independent nation state and set up the Western European Union, a military alliance.]]

1954 saw the realisation of Józef Retinger's work to kick off a new Euro-American deep state milieu. Its first meeting was held in the Bilderberg Hotel, giving the group its name, The Bilderberg.

Bilderberg - A new Deep state milieu

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After 2 years of work by Józef Retinger, on the 29 May 1954, the first Bilderberg meeting was held, in the Bilderberg Hotel, Oosterbeck, the Netherlands. Although the participant profile was to evolve away from spies and towards financiers and business leaders, it kept its original pro united Europe focus. Already by 1955 the group had drawn up plans for a European Union[1] and the group went on to create the Euro.


The London and Paris Conferences were two related conferences in London and Paris in September–October 1954 to determine the legal status of West Germany. The talks concluded with the signing of the Paris Agreements (Paris Pacts, or Paris Accords, which granted West Germany full sovereignty, ended the occupation, and allowed its admittance to NATO. Furthermore, both West Germany and Italy joined the Brussels Treaty on 23 October 1954, estalishing the Western European Union.

1954 Guatemalan coup d'état

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In another instance of Wall St exercising their covert action arm, the CIA overthrew Jacobo Árbenz the democratically elected leader of Guatemala. He has levied taxes on the vast land holding of United Fruit. The CIA, after decades of denial, were to finally admit in 1997 that they were responsible.