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Breaking and entering computer systems

Hacking means gaining access to a computer system, or any other electronic system, for example via malware or zero day exploits.

As a tool of statecraft

Millie Weaver's documentary ShadowGate explains how The Deep State uses "hacks" as cover for illegal disclosure of information.

By intelligence agencies

The difficulty of proving (or even of detecting) hacking by intelligence agencies has given them a more or less free hand in their hacking. Recently, however, they have sought to consolidate this de facto ability by claiming the legal right. The 2016 Investigatory Powers Act awarded GCHQ the legal right to hack anyone it chose to.[1]


Full article: hacker

"Hacker" is a contested term.


An example

Page nameDescription
"Advanced persistent threat"A computer attack in which a person or group gains unauthorized access to a computer network and remains undetected for an extended period.


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