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TypeNon-profit NGO
InterestsHuman Rights, regime change
Sponsored byAdessium Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Ford Foundation



A Quote by Human Rights Watch

Human rights“Ironically, in light of its long-stated commitment to upholding human rights at home and in its foreign policy, the US government today poses a threat to the universality of human rights.”19991999 World Report



Adessium FoundationAn secretive foundation that donates to projects backed by western governments.
Open Society FoundationsA NGO operating in more countries than McDonald's. It has the tendency to support politicians (at times through astroturfing) and activists that get branded as "extreme left" as its founder is billionaire and bane of the pound George Soros. This polarizing perspective causes the abnormal influence of the OSF to go somewhat unanswered.
The Ford FoundationIn addition to its own billionaire agenda, also known to have been $$$ middleman for covert CIA funding.


Documents sourced from Human Rights Watch

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateDescription
File:Bloody Vengeance in Sirte.pdfreport2011 Attacks on Libya
"Humanitarian intervention"
Muammar Gaddafi
October 2012A harrowing report on the final days of Muammar Gaddafi, notable less for its background analysis of the 2011 NATO sponsored Libyan conflict, or its recommendations which are standard fare but pointedly fail to even mention Foreign/NATO culpability which is assumed to have been legitimate, but rather for an authoritative account of just one small instance of the raw barbarity which NATO played such a major part in enabling - under the banner of 'Humanitarian Intervention'.
April 2001
File:Rainoffire.pdfreportGaza War (2008–09)
White phosphorous
A report on Israeli use of white phosphorous munitions during Operation Cast Lead against the Gaza Strip December 2008 - Jan 2009. It documents extensive use of illegal munitions and is notable for some startling pictures of white phosphorous trails raining down on fleeing civilians.