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An activist doesn't wait for "them" to do things, but organises.

Graffiti artists

An alternative rendering of Klaus Schwab's Agenda 2030/Great Reset slogan


A subvertised sign, 2021

Subvertising or street art are methods of activism that spread awareness outside of control of commercially-controlled media or the internet.

Political activism

Political activists fight for meaningful reforms and societal change. This is done through political campaigning.


USSR style posters which appeared in New York in January 2022

Peace activists

Blair and Bush wanted for war crimes.jpg



Page nameInterestsDescription
Great Replacement
Ralph Abernathy
Shahd AbusalamaLatest target of the CAA and the Israel lobby<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Mother AgnesPeace
Imran AhmedSpooky activist "Buffalo might never have happened if online hate had been tackled after Christchurch"
Luke AkehurstLabour Friends of Israel
Labour First
Labour to Win
Anti-semite, self-proclaimed “Zionist Shitlord”
Refaat Alareer
Kim AlbertsVaccine
RNA Vaccine
Self-spreading vaccine
Activist with a focus on vaccine injury in the US.
Svetlana Alexievich
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Tayab Ali
Gary AllenUS author of None Dare Call It Conspiracy, proposing that US big business and the left are in the same front.
Shepard AmbellasBilderberg/2012
Founded Intellihub. Reported on the 2012 Bilderberg.
John AmeryBrother of politician Julian Amery. A Nazi-sympathiser who was executed for high treason by the UK government.
Huda Ammori
Sheetal Amte-KarajgWEF YGL found dead aged 39, reportedly a suicide
Tim Anderson
Kevin AnnettThe Pedophocracy
First Nations
Catholic Church/VIPaedophile
When he reported that the church of which he was a minister had been involved in genocide, Rev. Kevin Annett was told to shut up. He didn't. He researched the topic and wrote books and made a movie about it. His Wikipedia page has been deleted at least 4 times as "non-notable" because he has been blacklisted with dynamic silence by corporate media. He continues to expose institutional corruption and child abuse.
Safia AoudePan Am Flight 103
Ed Asner9-11A Jewish American actor, 9-11 activist, voice actor and a former president of the Screen Actors Guild
Dylan Avery9-11US filmmaker who made Loose Change
Uri AvneryPeace
May AyresA passionate observer of the human condition who uses her art to express the horrors at war.
Shiva AyyaduraiIndian-American biologist and dissident.
Jonathan Azaziah
Mikhail Bakunin
Keelan Balderson7-7
Ajamu BarakaHuman rights
Black liberation
US cultural and political critic. Called Obama "moral disaster" and one of "the worst things that has happened to African-American people".
Brian BarderHuman rightsBritish diplomat, author, blogger and civil liberties advocate
Mustafa BarghoutiFive-pillar alternative approach for Palestine
John Perry BarlowMember of the drug-promoting music band Grateful Dead and a founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation - and with strong ties to CIA. He may also have been involved in the conceptual origin that spawned CIA-connected entities such as Facebook.
Richard Barnard
Ann BarnhardtVatican City
Roman Catholicism
Gustavo Vera
Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Latin Mass
Supernatural intervention
Catholic Church/VIPaedophile
US activist who wrote about the Lavender Mafia in the Vatican
Colette Pichon Battle"Climate change"
Green new deal
Climate activist and lawyer; Obama Foundation Fellows/2019
Tim BeaumontBritish politician and an Anglican priest. Bullingdon Club. Transgender and euthanasia activist. Epstein's black book.
Maria BecketOn the report of the 1982 Bilderberg she is listed as "Greece, Former Advisor to Ministers of Coordination and Foreign Affairs"
Vanessa BeeleyMiddle East
White Helmets
British investigative journalist focused on the Middle East. Helped expose the White Helmets.
Ann BeesonWEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/2000. Executive Director of U.S. Programs at the Open Society Foundations 2007-2011.
Moazzam BeggMoazzam Begg banged up in both Guantanamo Bay and HMP Belmarsh
Cedric BelfrageBritish Security CoordinationPart of British Security Coordination, then press control officer in Germany after the WW2. Suspected Soviet agent, or British double-agent.
Walden BelloFilipino activist, academic and politician who has proposed a deglobalization instead of globalization, where the economy is locally based.
Sian BerryWas leader of the Green Party of England and Wales (2018-21) and hopes to follow Caroline Lucas as MP for Brighton Pavilion in July 2024
Steve BikoHuman rights
Anti-apartheid activist who after his death in police custody became an icon for the movement.
Michael Billington
Martin BirnstinglDavid KellyBritish surgeon who questioned the verdict of suicide given on the death of the arms inspector David Kelly
Grace Blakeley
Janet BloomfieldChair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the 1990s; member of the British-American Project
Brian BogartUS peace activist.
Jenifer BolenAmerican activist conducting "Legal Campaigns," a hybrid of lawsuits and grassroots, networked activism.
BonoIrish singer "kissing the arses of the rich and powerful" and preaching on global inequality while avoiding taxes according to Irish scolar Harry Browne.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
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Related Quotations

Mahatma Gandhi“I am prepared to die, but there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill. I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent. Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”Mahatma Gandhi
Ferdinand GrapperhausActivists are only there to break things and provocate.”Ferdinand Grapperhaus
Howard Zinn“They'll say we're disturbing the peace, but there is no peace. What really bothers them is we're disturbing the war.”Howard Zinn


Related Document

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
File:Dissent or Terror FINAL 0.pdfreport20 May 2013Beau HodaDissent or Terror a report that details how the counter-terrorism apparatus was used to monitor the Occupy Movement nationwide


Official examples

Masih AlinejadUS-based regime change activist who has advocated for Israeli military attacks on her former country of Iran. Received $305,000 from the US government for her work at Voice of America, the US state broadcaster, between 2015 and 2019.
Jewish Defence League"Antisemitism"An extremist right wing Jewish organisation that advocates the use of violence in pursuit of its aims "where necessary"
Ibram X KendiBlack Lives MatterSelected as Young Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2021.
Ricken PatelYGL who ran Avaaz 2005-2021
Robert PickusPeace movementSpooky "peace activist" who proposed that in "the current political climate, war is essential for justice to prevail".
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