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SuccessorLiberal Democrats
Formation9 June 1859
Extinction2 March 1988
LeaderUK/Liberal Party/Leader
SubpageUK/Liberal Party/Leader


Party Members

Thomas Baring22 January 182615 November 1904
Tim Beaumont22 November 19288 April 2008British politician and an Anglican priest. Bullingdon Club. Transgender and euthanasia activist. Epstein's black book.
Alan Beith20 April 1943UK politician
Norman Birkett6 September 188310 February 1962
James Bryce10 May 183822 January 1922
Vince Cable9 May 1943Retired British politician
Menzies Campbell22 May 1941Leader of the Liberal Democrats 2006-7 MSC regular
Henry Campbell-Bannerman7 September 183622 April 1908
Spencer Cavendish23 July 183324 March 1908
Winston Churchill30 November 187424 January 1965
Colin Coote19 October 18938 June 1979Editor of The Daily Telegraph with close ties to the intelligence services.
Elma Dangerfield11 October 190722 January 2006British journalist and Liberal Party politician. She also was an intelligence operative during and after World War 2, working especially with Eastern European exiles.
Clement Freud24 April 192415 April 2009British politician and sexual predator
William Gladstone29 December 180919 May 1898
Hamar Greenwood
Edward Grey25 April 18627 September 1933
Peter Hain16 February 1950UK politician on the House of Lords/COVID-19 Committee
Rufus Isaacs10 October 186030 December 1935
Gladwyn Jebb25 April 190024 October 1996Holder of spooky jobs including UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Chief of the SOE during WW2.
Philip Henry Kerr18 April 188212 December 1940UK deep state actor who worked under Alfred Milner and Lionel George Curtis
Granville Leveson-Gower11 May 181531 March 1891British Secretary of State who improved relations with the United States
David Lloyd George17 January 186326 March 1945
Archibald Primrose7 May 184721 May 1929UK PM
Lionel de Rothschild22 November 18083 June 1879
John Russell (UK PM)18 August 179228 May 1878UK PM
Henry John Temple20 October 178418 October 1865A British politician who served twice as Prime Minister in the mid-19th century.
Josiah Wedgwood IV16 March 187226 July 1943
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