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(Soldier, Journalist, whistleblower)
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Missouri, United States
ResidenceDonbass,  Ukraine
Victim ofYoutube/Censorship
Interests • 2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
• Ukrainian death squads
• 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
• Donbass
• Mariupol
• Azov Battalion
• Russophobia
Interest ofMyrotvorets
Former US Navy sailor living in Donbass who covered the war since the beginning.

Patrick Lancaster is a former US Navy sailor who lived in the Donbass region when the war broke out after the 2014 revolution.[1][2][3] His footage from the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine tells a different story compared to corporate media. Lancaster started receiving more attention from corporate media during the siege of Mariupol in the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine.[4]


- "Such a relief! - Ukrainian army committed terrible things here! Terrible! How we only managed to survive! - And they said to everybody, “Take your things and leave”. And where to go? – How can I abandon my flat and just go away? – We stayed and they bombed everything here. 6:50 – They kicked out people from their houses in the settlements. They occupied the premises and put there their guns, mortars. – You don’t say so. It’s not DPR. It’s Ukraine. DPR did just a bit. While Ukraine hid its equipment… - Between the houses, near kindergartens, schools" - Patrick Lancaster's YouTube channel, 31 March 2022.


Lancaster was a Cryptologic Technician Second Class Petty Officer on the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) in Japan. He was the supervisor for 25 shipboard personnel & Supervisor for the CV-63 Electronic warfare module. Lancaster was also responsible for the corrective and preventative maintenance of over 300 essential pieces of shipboard equipment and deployed to the Persian Gulf, Australia, South Korea, Guam, Singapore and Hong Kong during Operation Enduring Freedom in 2003.[5]

Lancaster worked for Sky News from 2015 to 2017, Ruptly from 2014 to 2017 and Reuters from 2014 to 2016.

Lancaster is a former US Navy employee and crowdfunded journalist covering the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and also covered previous wars in Azerbaijan and Armenia.


YouTube has demonetized his channel. Lancaster has appeared in western newspapers.[6][7] Lancaster's censorship is strange as "independent" investigative journalism organization of image analyses on controversial images Bellingcat uses Lancaster in their own studies.[8]

The BBC mentioned him in a article as he "also describes himself as an independent journalist, and says his work is entirely funded through crowdfunding. Despite this, he seems to have raised less than $6,500 in the past eight months." Why the amount of the donation is suspicious, is not explained in the long piece. [9] The BBC article mentioned him selling guided trips to the Donbass from Russia in 2016 and Lancaster selling pieces of shrapnel or rubble from Donetsk airport. [10]

Death list

Lancaster called former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko the "enemy of the people" on RT in 2015.[11] Although reported in newspapers around the Donbass, Lancaster was - by own report - being sought for crimes against the state in Ukraine - being on a "death list".[12]


In an interview with Cyrus Janssen Lancaster pointed to the Russians in the Donbass having overwhelmingly no problem with the Russian expansion in Ukraine.

“I mean the people that were born there before 1956 were born in Russia so it just makes sense to them to go back and then once I was there for the referendum and then once that kind of fizzled off and started calming down once you know Russia was in, and you know you know it was a done deal for pretty much, then Donetsk started to develop so I ended up going to Donetsk here and staying showing the referendum here as well again.

It was a lot different than the west was making it out to see, you know, seeing the fact that there's no Ukrainian language that's spoken here.

There's you know the vast majority of the population is ethnically Russian and they all you know would like to consider this, you know this area part of Russia I mean they definitely do now at that point.”
Patrick Lancaster,  Cyrus Janssen (2022)  [13]

Lancaster also reports on war crimes committed by Ukraine in the Donbass region, and the news blackout surrounding these bombings.

“I mean I'm just I've been working here on this side of the contact line and the anti-Ukraine government territory so I've only been able to show what happened here, but what I've seen here with my own eyes is indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas year after year by Ukrainian forces. Indiscriminate and targeted in fact, just last month (..) two civilian electric plants targeted by Ukrainian forces. (...)

Now that the war is really hot attacks are coming in every hour, and I mean the only thing that's being shown in the west is the results of Russian attacks on Ukraine, but what the west isn't showing is every day here in Donetsk there is attacks from Ukraine controlled territory Ukraine attacking the civilian population here. In the last 12 days there has been 19 civilians killed.

I mean it's not a huge amount like across Ukraine right now but in the last 12 days in the Donetsk people's republic controlled territory there's been 19 civilians killed and I believe 27 injured and these are results of Ukrainian attacks on mostly civilian areas of course battle's been raging on the front line since this new development happened and even before, but so you know a lot of the shells are hitting civilian areas and I assume a lot are hitting military areas as well... Those aren't as free to report on as the other ones.”
Patrick Lancaster,  Cyrus Janssen (2022)  [13]


Full article: Anti-Terrorist-Operation
18+ Mariupol Residents Expose War Crimes & Show Dead Ukraine Soldiers – Patrick Lancaster's Channel – 14 April 2022.

Patrick Lancaster has remained as one of the few non-Ukrainians still reporting from the war zones, continuing work from the 2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war. In particular, the bombing and killing of civilians inside the Donbass appeared to continue as Lancaster's videos have shown, although very unreported in western media.[14]


Lancaster started becoming more and more reported by independent outlets worldwide during his coverage of the battle of Mariupol in the spring of 2022, not mentioning his decade of work in other parts of Asia and Europe, apart from Ukraine, only painting him as "disinformation agent".[15][16][17][18] [19][20][21]

War Crimes

Russia Today, featured Lancaster hinting Ukrainians to be utilizing odd "tactics" during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

- 5 April, 2022

Lancaster has reported about Ukrainian and Russian war crimes. The usage of false flags by both is telling and under-reported in western media. His reports paint a chaotic side of the war, with the Azov Battalion and Ukrainian army shooting at each other. [22]

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