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Sam Tarry is a Labour Party local councillor in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and is National Political Officer with the TSSA trade union.


Tarry is the former National Chair of Young Labour and a spokesman for the Jeremy Corbyn-supporting Momentum group:

“The Labour party had become very hollowed out, actually. Because I think the people who had been in control of it – and some of the people who are still in control of it at the bureaucratic level – have just been a self-replicating cadre of types of people. And it has just meant that it has become very conservative in the way it approaches things, very technocratic. It has lost its sense of being an actual movement.”[1]

On 9 August 2016, Sam Tarry appeared on Channel 4 News and debated with John McTernan on the state of the Labour Party, saying that McTernan was responsible for Labour's dreadful performance in Scotland in May 2015, for the defeat of Australia's prime minister Julia Gillard in June 2013 and for this year's failed coup against Jeremy Corbyn.[2]