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BornJulia Eileen Gillard
Barry, Wales, UK
Alma materUniversity of Adelaide, University of Melbourne
Member ofAIJAC/Rambam Programs/2005, AIJAC/Rambam Programs/2009, US/Department/State/International Visitor Leadership Program, Wellcome Trust
PartyAustralian Labor Party

Employment.png Wellcome Trust/Chair

In office
April 2021 - Present
Preceded byEliza Manningham-Buller

Employment.png Prime Minister of Australia

In office
24 June 2010 - 27 June 2013
Preceded byKevin Rudd
Succeeded byKevin Rudd

Employment.png Chairperson-in-office of the Commonwealth of Nations

In office
15 November 2015 - 27 November 2015
Preceded byJoseph Muscat
Succeeded byJoseph Muscat

Employment.png Australia/Leader of the Labor Party

In office
24 June 2010 - 26 June 2013
Preceded byKevin Rudd
Succeeded byKevin Rudd

Employment.png Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

In office
3 December 2007 - 24 June 2010
BossKevin Rudd

Employment.png Australia/Deputy Leader of the Labor Party

In office
4 December 2006 - 24 June 2010

Employment.png Australia/Minister for Education

In office
3 December 2007 - 28 June 2010

Employment.png Australia/Minister for Social Inclusion

In office
3 December 2007 - 28 June 2010

Employment.png Deputy Leader of the Opposition

In office
4 December 2006 - 3 December 2007

Employment.png Manager of Opposition Business in the House

In office
8 December 2003 - 10 December 2006

Employment.png Member of the Australian Parliament for Lalor

In office
3 October 1998 - 5 August 2013

Employment.png Member of the Australian Parliament for Lalor

In office
25 November 2001 - 2 July 2003
18 February 2003 

Employment.png Shadow Minister for Population and Immigration

In office
25 November 2001 - 2 July 2003

Employment.png Shadow Minister for Health

In office
2 July 2003 - 10 December 2006

Employment.png Shadow Minister for Social Inclusion

In office
10 December 2006 - 3 December 2007

Employment.png Chair of the Commonwealth of Nations

In office
28 October 2011 - 27 June 2013

Julia Gillard was the Prime Minister of Australia from 2011 to 2013.


"A fellow student activist says Gillard has always been 'very much on the pragmatic side'. She was always that way in student politics. She was more inclined to deal with the Liberals, the Zionists and various right-wing groups than she was with the Left."[1]

Starstruck by the USA

“For my own generation, the defining image of America was the landing on the moon. My classmates and I were sent home from school to watch the great moment on television. I always remember thinking that day, Americans can do anything...Americans inspired the world of my own youth.”
Julia Gillard (10 March, 2011)  [2]

Former Labor leader Mark Latham described how he"

Over the years I have received tender messages from Gillard saying how much she misses me in Canberra... One of them concerned her study tour of the US, sponsored by the American government in 2006 – or to use her moniker – 'a CIA re-education course'...She promised 'to catch up when I’m back from the US and I’ll show you my CIA-issued ankle holster'. I never got to see her ankles or her holster, but I will say this: you have to hand it to those guys in Washington...Within the space of 2 years they converted her from a highly cynical critic of all matters American into yet another foreign policy sycophant."[3]

Services to the Israeli Government's cause

Her predecessor, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, described her as:

“Through the influence of her 'Middle East Advisor', Bruce Wolpe, Gillard had already begun unravelling a number of Australian votes on UN General Assembly resolutions on Palestine in order to appease the far-right Jewish lobby in Melbourne. When I was prime minister and foreign minister, Australia's voting profile on Israel had changed from one of unquestioning compliance with US and Israeli interests, to one which was much more aligned with British voting patterns in the UN. Our votes were still more sympathetic to Israel than those of the rest of Europe. But this was not good enough for Gillard. The far-right Jewish lobby in Melbourne wanted to go back to the good old days of the Howard government. And Gillard wanted to deliver. This would be coordinated through her loyal operative Wolpe to ensure that Australia would once again join the likes of the US, Palau and maybe two or three other Pacific micro-states, in voting against UN General Assembly resolutions that were critical of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. It was no surprise that Gillard would later be awarded, together with Abbott, an honorary doctorate at an Israeli university for her services to the cause. The only problem was that these were not services to Australia's cause. They were services to the Israeli Government's cause under prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his total opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state.”
Kevin Rudd (2018)  [4]


Tim Mathieson, her domestic partner 2006-2021, was a hairdresser. From January to March 2010[5] a was hired by Zionist deep state operative Albert Dadon to be a real estate salesman.

A former jazz guitarist who is developing a $450 million Melbourne tower has persuaded Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard's partner, Tim Mathieson, to give up his hair-care business to sell residential property instead. Albert Dadon hired Mr Mathieson as a contractor to find international buyers for apartments in the 50-storey project that overlooks Flagstaff Gardens. The appointment tightens the links between Mr Dadon and Ms Gillard after her visit to Israel in June as a guest of the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange, which he founded and chairs. Mr Dadon was the artistic director of the Melbourne Jazz Festival for several years but has emerged in recent times as executive chairman of Uberta Group and a good friend of the Rudd government. He sponsored Kevin Rudd on a visit to Israel in 2002 when the Prime Minister was Labor's foreign affairs spokesman, and did so again in 2005. The two had lunch together shortly before the 2007 federal election, The Age reported earlier this year. Mr Dadon is married to Debbie Besen, daughter of Highpoint property Group chairman and Sussan clothing store founder Marc Besen. Ms Gillard disclosed her partner's appointment to Ubertas Group in a letter to the registrar of members' interests last Friday, saying the new job had started last month. A spokesman said Ms Gillard did not expect any perceived conflict of interest to arise from the job.[6]


Appointments by Julia Gillard

Anthony AlbaneseAustralia/Leader of the House3 December 200718 September 2013
Anthony AlbaneseAustralia/Minister/Infrastructure and Transport3 December 200718 September 2013
Anthony AlbaneseAustralia/Minister/Regional Development and Local Government3 December 200714 September 2010
Bob CarrAustralia/Minister/Foreign Affairs13 March 201218 September 2013
Kevin RuddAustralia/Minister/Foreign Affairs14 September 201022 February 2012
Penny WongAustralia/Minister/Climate Change3 December 200714 September 2010


Related Quotations

Kevin Rudd“Rudd attended a dinner on the 3rd of June with Jewish community leaders to repair the strained relationship. According to Rudd, Mark Leibler, leader of AIJAC berated him for committing the "hostile act" of expelling the Israeli diplomat. Rudd told Leibler that it was the second time Israel had used false passports, wherupon Leibler responded "I don't believe you". When Rudd offered a meeting with ASIO chief Richardson, "Leibler still stared at me in disbelief. And then disbelief turned to anger. Apropos of nothing, he said, 'Julia is looking very good in the public eye these days, Prime Minister. She's performing very strongly. She's a great friend of Israel. But you shouldn't be anxious about her, should you, Prime Minister?' It was Leibler at his menacing worst."”Kevin Rudd2018
Kevin Rudd“In his memoirs, Prime Minster Rudd told how in the National Security Committee of the Cabinet after the second Israeli passport incident, Dennis Richardson, chief of ASIO, stated that "unless Australia wished to be seen as a 'soft touch' by the Israelis, we had to act firmly and decisively. Everyone nodded in agreement except Julia Gillard. "I asked her explicitly whether she supported the recommendations. She grunted her assent. I knew for a fact that Julia had been cultivated by the Israeli Lobby in Australia".”Kevin Rudd2018


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