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A poster from Occupy

U.S. Police are officially responsible for preserving law and order in US, preventing crimes. Every year, US police spend millions on mass surveillance tools for cellphones, but as of 2017 there were still few rules about what happens to the information they capture.[1]


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US police are increasingly using surplus military equipment. In 2015, North Dakota became the first use state to allow police use of drones armed with less than lethal weapons such as tasers, rubber bullets and tear gas after a last-minute push by a lobbyist.[2]


In March 2015, US police killed 111 people, over twice the total that the UK police killed in the entire 20th century.[3] In 2017, according to the database Mapping Police Violence, US police killed 1,129 US citizens in 2017, up from 963 in 2016.[4] By 2017, one-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police.[5]


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An invention of the LAPD, SWAT teams (Special Weapons And Tactics) are increasingly used by US police, mostly to raid private homes as part of the "war on drugs". Live streaming head cameras have lead to 'swatting' as a prank,[6][7] sometimes with fatal consequences.[8]


Some US police joined and some covertly supported the Occupy Wall St. movement.

Scapegoating the poor

In 2019 US police have been instructed to protect local aesthetics by arresting people who sleep in cars.[9]



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Sunny Sheu“The ultimate, terrifying moral of the Sunny Sheu story is this: If you are threatened with death by the police in the USA, there is no where you can go for protection, and after you are killed, there is no where your friends and loved ones can go for justice. That is why this story is of critical important to every American citizen.”Sunny Sheu
Will Galison
January 2016