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Membership• Steve R. Appleton
• Rosalia Arteaga Serrano
• Jocelyne Attal
• Zdenek Bakala
• Simon W. Barlow
• Alessandro Benetton
• Felipe Benjumea
• Ernesto Bertarelli
• Kumar M. Birla
• Christian Bjelland
• Peter Blom
• Eduardo Bours
• Gregory D. Brenneman
• Paulo Sérgio C. Galvão Filho
• Felipe Calderón
• Daniel H. Case
• Liz Chitiga
• Chung Bo Keun
• Chung Mong-Gyu
• Peter Derby
• Brian N. Dickie
• Uwe Doerken
• Bruno Ducharme
• Amr Enany
• Sebastián Escarrer Jaume
• Richard Eyre
• Renato Fassbind
• Nicole Feely
• David Filo
• Joseph P. Firmage
• Marek Goschorski
• Isabelle Guichot
• Andre Harrell
• Emil Harsev
• Anna K. Hejka-Arczynska
• Robert A. Johnson
• Hubert Joly
• Shiv V. Khemka
• Milton Kim Seok-Dong
• Kim Sung-Joo
• Harry Klagsbrun
• Georg Kofler
• Susanne Kohout
• Jeffrey J. L. Koo
• Harry Kraemer
• Karen Ku
• Lee Mie-Kyung
• Chris B. Leptos
• Carl A. Loo
• Angel Losada Moreno
• Daniel Lubetzky
• Patrick Larragoiti Lucas
• Wendy Luhabe
• Kristaq Luniku
• Michael Lynton
• Sakumzi Macozoma
• Pattie Maes
• Ayisi Makatiani
• Emma Marcegaglia
• Vaclav Marhoul
• Wynton Marsalis
• Vladimir Masar
• Gamal H. Mubarak
• Lachlan Murdoch
• Ethan A. Nadelmann
• Jay Naidoo
• Hussain J. Al Nowais
• Josep Pique Camps
• Vladimir Potanin
• Alexey Pushkov
• Anil Rai
• Andreas Renschler
• Alexander Romanovsky
• Kenneth Roth
• Emilia Roxas-Yang
• Paul L. Saffo
• Paul Sagan
• Richard Sarnoff
• Eric Schmidt
• Ulrich Schumacher
• Gonen Segev
• Isaac O. Shongwe
• Timothy P. Shriver
• Marina Silva
• András Simor
• Nora R. Slatkin
• Imre Somody
• Patricia Q. Stonesifer
• Gautam Thapar
• Dmitry V. Toulin
• Claudio Del Vecchio
• Walter Veltroni
• Antonio Manuel Vitorino
• Francine Wachsstock
• Daniel Wagner
• Don J. Walker
• Guido Westerwelle
• Fields Wicker-Miurin
• Richard C. L. Yan
WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1997

This page lists the known WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow of 1997. The previous year's cadre is listed at WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1996, the next as WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1998.


The list of participants in the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders for Tomorrow program for the year 1997 has been pulled from their website, but possible to find in archived form. [1] The WEF does not always publish all the names. The previous year's cadre is listed at WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1996, the next as WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1998.

Selected Examples

Influential deep state strategist Eric Schmidt worked for Alphabet (a.k.a Google)

Premature death

Guido Westerwelle died in 2016, aged 54.


Known members

11 of the 99 of the members already have pages here:

Felipe CalderónWEF/Global Leader for Tomorrow 1997. President of Mexico 2006-2012.
Ethan NadelmannActivist working to end the War on Drugs. Protege of George Soros. Selected a Global Leaders for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 1997.
Jay NaidooAnti-apartheid trade union leader, then Minister responsible for the Reconstruction and Development Programme in the first post-apartheid cabinet of President Nelson Mandela
Vladimir PotaninRussian businessman. The 10th richest person in the world.
Kenneth RothUS lawyer, serial WEF AGM and MSC visitor
Eric SchmidtUS billionaire who works for Alphabet (a.k.a Google). A 1997 WEF Global Leader for Tomorrow with numerous other deep political connections.
Rosalia Arteaga SerranoWEF YGL 1997 Ecuadorian lawyer politician
Marina SilvaWEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1997. Brazil's Minister of the Environment and Climate Change in 2022.
Patty StonesiferBill Gates crony
Walter VeltroniItalian politician. His candidacy in the 2008 general elections obtained 33.17% of the votes, but failed to take the government.
Guido WesterwelleAtlantik-Brücke, Bilderberg 2007, ousted after a media campaign. Died aged 54 of acute myeloid leukemia.
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